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Video Update: Michael Savage Interview on Alex Jones 2-26-13

For those interested, this interview is a first for these two radio icons.

Link thanks to fonzdrew


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it is what it is.

Two dramatic people hyping each other up.


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

We've Gotta Stop Accepting this "Either/Or" Premise

Many of us are buying-into the same old false choices.

I've had my doubts about Alex Jones for a while- after listening to this interview (in the context of having listened to Savage in the past), I don't have doubts any more.

Alex joins is a Zionist shill- and so is Michael Savage. Just two whores pumping a book of Zionist propaganda.

It's time for us to fully wake-up.

The Zionists "invented" Communism. It was a useful tool toward their ends.

What the Zionists are doing to the Palestinians is awful and atrocious- but that doesn't make Muslims the "good guys". Islam is about as far from the God-given Individual freedoms that we all espouse as one can get. Islam is an enemy of freedom.

Communism is obviously no friend to Individual liberty. It's the very antithesis. As much as he's been ridiculed- McCarthy was right. There was (and is) a Communist behind every tree! And now- they're all in our government. The Chinese happen to be currently "carrying the torch".

The Zionists aren't the "good guys". They're just working to set the stage for us all to kill one another. They would love to see a global war between Christ's church and Islam. Where's the love in that? Where does that uphold God's principles?

Zionism- Communism- Islam- they're ALL tools of the Devil and I don't support any of them.

I'm Libertarian- but I guess I'm just not Libertarian enough to support evil.

Savage is a xenophobic bigot

What he says early on about China banning movies is very misleading. China throttles the number of western movies that are allowed into Chinese theaters (I think 10 per year). Definitely not something you'd see happen in a free country, but keep in mind that America exercises a cultural hegemony in much of the world that does partially destroy local culture. The way savage presents it, though, it's all a conspiracy against him.

He and Jones should get married and hide away on skull island.

Oh give me a break with this

Oh give me a break with this cultural hegemony is negative shit. So you're a libertarian and you supposedly believe in the free market but because it's the US culture that's being consumed by the free market you no longer agree with free market principles and can "understand" why China would manipulate an entire industry?

It's China's prerogative

For the record, I never said I was a libertarian. I do have a soft spot and some respect for Jones though. He's legit. Savage is a hack fueled by fear and hatred; I don't care how many doctorates are hanging on his wall.

Is it "right" for the US government and military to play favorites with different media outlets, offering embedded reporting roles to those who play along? Keep in mind that manipulating media is nothing new to our own government..

I didn't say it was the right thing to do, nor did I say it's in alignment with free market principles. My point is that the US' cultural hegemony is a very real reason for China's decision to limit influx of media from other countries rather than whatever contrived conspiracy Savage (or maybe Jones) could cook up.

I agree with criticizing

US progressive education and "mixed economy" of corporatism. But I do not agree with lame focus on China. The Chinese rise is mainly due to out FIAT money, taxes, and regulations on economy.

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Thanks so much for this link.


Sudden Change

I could recall Jones ripping on Savage just a few years back.

savage is only on there

savage is only on there, because no one else will cover his new book

apparently china is censoring it heavily

nuff said

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL


AJ is being paid to have him on...I get it....

I love it when AJ trolls downvote me!

He's coming on right now

on the rebroadcast.

9-11 was a panda job.

First time I've heard Savage.

First time I've heard Savage. Can't say I was impressed.

how quickly we forget...

Alex bashing Savage as a wolf in sheep's clothing homosexual.....anyone want to make the CORRECT application of what a disinfo agent is, or does; or do you AJ defenders want to keep tickling your ears with his 90% "good information" hook and tell us all how he is the ULTIMATE patriotic force in the universe!!!

Go Captain Alex Go!!!

.two self-massaging media clowns pretending they give a shit about this country...

How long will this movement be led to believe millionaire media moguls are out to help us....

This is why so many in the

This is why so many in the liberty movement are turned off by Jones and his "followers." We're somehow supposed to question "everything", but not dare question Alex Jones. Did Jones really do that? Any audio/video/etc.?

Savage on Alex Jones Now!!

1:10PM CT

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Impressive. They are complementing one another.

They should get together more often. Alex should be a guest on Savage. We'll see if reciprocity happens.