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Vegans, unite?

Over the weekend I walked my neighborhood to get my petition to be on the ballot signed so I had to knock on many people's doors and get this:

On my street alone, this is in the City of Dallas...okay, pretty urban, largely metropolitan types of people... Normal mid-60s homes, okay....well, my street alone has 6 different families (including ours) that have:

1) above ground gardens
2) have/(want) free range chickens
3) are committed to growing seasonal items we can all share
4) totally all-organic
5) two families have BEES, they have honey bees! (so cool.)

Here's my question: Aren't the rights of organic gardeners and vegans being violated if the city uses aerial spraying to kill mosquitoes?

(Clearly, I'm highly opposed, but I'm looking for honest insight.)