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Does anybody have any ideas as to why the campaign will not release the third quarter totals yet? Is there some strategy?

I'm just curious .

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5.8 Million?

I just saw this on ABC News: http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalradar/2007/10/paul-raises-...

I don't know if it is true or not, bu it is better than I was hoping for if it is true!

Until the Election is Won!

Until the Election is Won!
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Check out the Ron Paul official web site.....


Same thing over at MSNBC.

Same thing over at MSNBC.
Well, $5.08 million. But I have a feeling that once they get everything totaled up, it'll be slightly more than that.

Rumor, rumor

Just after the rumor came out that Ron Paul would announce the totals later in the week, his web site added an event for Oct. 5th, which was to include some information on the campaign. You can read the event on ronpaul2008.com and see if that's what it sounds like.

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NBC Nightly News

It was reported on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams that the Ron Paul Campaign had raised 3 million for 3rd quarter.Also Romney 10mil,Guliani 9mil,Thompson 8mil and McCain 5mil. It mentioned Ron Paul as being the most significant and surprising fundraising total of the Republican candidates.I found the Youtube broadcast on usaelectionpolls.com website.

They reported last quarter's numbers

MSNBC reported 2.4 Million yesterday, which was last quarter's numbers. They listed another candidate's total as a prediction, so they can't say it was based on rumors it would be at least as much a last quarter. Then, one of their talking heads said Ron Paul did poorly in recent debates - nice touch.

I sent them an email suggesting how they could improve their accuracy in reporting if that was their goal. It was dripping in GE-speak.

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3rd Quarter release strategy

I think they are waiting until Thursday - the following morning they have a press conference in D.C and I think they are trying to combine the two.

Microwave Popcorn & MP3 Downloads

Geesh....in this age of microwave popcorn and instant downloads, emails, etc....everybody wants it now...now...now..... A mailed contribution is not a contribution until someone opens a letter, takes the check to the bank and the check clears. Some of you guys sound like the kid on Christmas Eve who can't quit squirming. Take a nap already or better yet, get back to campaigning.

The numbers will come out soon enough. In the meantime, I suggest you send an old-fashioned letter or postcard to a Republican voter and/or an anti-war Democrat or Libertarian who does not have web access. You might be really, really surprised at how many people get their news from sheets of pressed wood pulp and from cable television, as well as the local diner or church gossip.

The Republican base I talk to in PA only has a few issues they tend to vote on....gun control, abortion, immigration. I know it sounds ugly and simple, but that's what most voters are....ugly and simple.

Mr. R.

I feel like Tweak on Southpark waiting for 3Q results...

pace...pace...more coffee....pace...pace...find new digg articles...pace...pace...smoke a cigarette...ok two...pace...pace...more coffee.......pace pace...

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You and me both brother

I still have faith it's being delayed for very good reasons though.

Rusty Buick and Checks

I love your user name - reminds me of my old LeSabre...

I imagine they are waiting to register and clear bank checks that were mailed into the campaign. I know my mom wrote her check on Sept 30th but didn't mail it until Monday.


Thanks! that one slipped my mind

That's what I was looking for. There's a lot of other credible reasons listed as well. Thanks. By the way I've also got a leSabre,it's a '67 400 convertible.

I think I know why

Most other candidates have released their numbers within the first day or two. There has been a lot of buzz on the TV about Hillary and Obama. They raised a lot of money, and thus are going to get the majority of attention.

When Ron Paul releases his numbers, he won't have to compete for media attention over the other candidates. Because of that, they should take more notice of his numbers and it will be better.

I'm speculating here of course

Maybe They want to wait until everyone else has announced, so they can do a comparison, get more news coverage.

Maybe they may be debating whether to take matching funds, and will announce that they won't (or will) when they announce the amount.

If the amount is above 5 mil, waiting is a great move, since the attention will be much greater. If its only 3 M or so, its still OK to wait, since this is higher than anyone really expected, just not as exciting.

There is an article about a unscheduled trip to New Hampshire - Wouldn't it be great to announce the fundraising results live on WUMR ??

Presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Tex) is apparently due back in New Hampshire today, and there is a buzz about it among his top level volunteers and supporters because staffers won't say why.

Speculation has run the gamut from a hush-hush fund-raiser to a media shoot from WMUR, New Hampshire's major TV station which has been under attack for not covering Ron Paul's growing popularity in New Hampshire. (See previous articles.)

"Nobody will say anything," said one supporter. "Usually, the campaign is very open about these things. But not this time. We welcome him back to New Hampshire, though. It's critical for his campaign that he does well in New Hampshire, and anything he can do up here to further his cause is a good thing."

I'm with you

I think they are waiting for other campaigns to accounce numbers. I'm pretty sure Romney is the only Republican to formally announce his numbers.

Rand Paul

I listened to Rand Paul's (Ron's son) interview with David Sellers on the radio ystrdy and Rand said they would announce the amount "later this week", what ever that means. He sounded very upbeat and confident. He was calling in from New Hampshire. There are many many people very busy in New Hampshire right now! I wish I could be up there lending a hand.

Where did this above article come from?

Also, I just made another contribution to the RonPaul2008.com site and notice that the ticker is still not moving up. It's been at $46+k since last night.

Dig down in those pockets folks, we have a hard battle going on here. I just tapped my piggy bank, again.


I personally believe it is

I personally believe it is mostly strategy. Other candidates (including the democrats) have released their figures, most of which are $10 million or more. If Ron's staff released them now, there would likely not be as much coverage in the media. So, by waiting, we are basically looking to get several million dollars worth of free press.

On the other hand, the campaign is going over the funds to make sure there are no inaccuracies or anything (e.g. private individuals donating more than they're allowed to).

The Campaign has until the

The Campaign has until the 15 Oct to tabulate thier totals and report them. Is there a strategy? probably.. What is it? I have my own possible explanations... It'll come.. relax

I think you're reading too much into it...

...maybe there is a benefit from not reporting it earlier... but I really think the campaign is just understaffed.

If you send in more than $2300 and want it to apply to the general election they aren't set up to handle that yet either.

Anyway, the site to keep refreshing is:


I believe that's where the totals will post first.

That is incorrect

The numbers will not show up on that FEC site until after the Oct 15th filing deadline. The campaigns only release the preliminary numbers to the media immediately after the end of the quarter to get in the news cycles early (also to show that they have nothing to hide).

You're going to hear about the numbers first from the media once the official campaign announces their preliminary numbers. Then, once they file with the FEC by the 15th, the details will show up on that page. (And no, there is no chance the campaign will file early. They use every bit of time to check and double check the data to ensure that they are in full compliance with the FEC).