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Judge Napolitano: Obama's Legal Justification For Drones Is Hogwash - Fox News 2/26/2013

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The Judge.....

Thanks for the post....

I couldn't help noticing the Judge is very, very concerned about this issue. He wasn't the usual jovial Happy Judge we are use to seeing.

I pray that men & women of courage and moral character in high places will not allow these acts/polices to be swept under the rug, and allowed to continue.

Bimbo's comments

like (paraphrasing here) "but don't we need to keep secrets from the people in the name of terrorism and to protect our soldiers in foreign countries?"...just make me want to smack her! Does she really BELIEVE what she asks or is she just saying what she is told to say by her MSM rulers?

And, The WONDERFUL Judge Nap! Its amazing that he is allowed to speak so freely and honestly. I halfway expect him to be paid to take an early retirement pretty soon. TPTB CAN'T be enjoying all the TRUTH coming out of his mouth.

Good Stuff! Thanks for posting.

She's Megyn Kelly


For The Power of The Republic!

It's called "raising a strawman".

It's called "raising a strawman". It gives the judge an opportunity to knock it down (and thus gives the viewers a chance to hear the judge's finely-crafted argument, to use when someone who actually BELIEVES the strawman argument raises it elsewhere).

Don't get me wrong: Megan Kelly is not on my list of friends of liberty. Yesterday, for instance, she let a gun banner get away with a claim that guns are used ten times more often to murder than to protect. B-b. But let's not dump on her for things that are helping liberty, not attacking it.

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"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.