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Hey Rummy, Where's the Missing $2.3 Trillion?

Someone finally asks Rumsfeld the question


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For anyone that missed this

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"It was there all along"

My arse.

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I don't know what is more shocking

That someone finally asked him the question....

Or that he actually tried to answer it.

I never thought he'd go on the record. I'm in awe.

This clip should be shown to former Pentagon employees.

More than a few of them will watch this clip and be pissed.

Anyone have any contacts?

Probably need a higher up from the IT department or accounting.

Thanks for sharing this JUSTCOMEHOME, a hearty +1!

Donald Rumsfeld got Aspartame Fast Tracked. War chest.

Donald Rumbsfeld, Secretary of War under 'George the W' during the Bush Wars.

http://rense.com/general95/asp.html Dr Roberts, Aspartame Foe passes away.

http://www.wholehealtheducation.com/resource/articles/Aspart... Dr Roberts, Aspartame Foe, states in one paragraph why Aspartame is so vile. Why it does not help folks lose weight. Why it makes them sick.

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Dov Zakheim

used the cash to fund the 911 attacks. Dummy Rummy didn't get the memo.

More $ stolen from the American Taxpayers

When will this country call out these thieves and their lying "news" networks? So many involved should be in prison, and not being paraded around as our "leaders", put in place by reality show elections.

I always thought about

Rumsfeld as a closed minded neo-con. But Rumsfeld was in fact very familiar with Libertarian thought and free-market capitalism. He was shown on Milton Friedman PBS documentaries "Freedom to choose" arguing against socialists. When he joined Bush, Rumsfeld was criticized by both GOP and DEM for wanting to cut Pentagon in half.

He's had a long time:

To practice that response.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

Asked about trillions..

and replied about billions..

Who gives a fuck when it's not your money right?


I try to change people every day. Do You?

Just funding and agenda

These cretins are so far removed from humane thought it is truly frightening. They actually believe the murder and carnage they create in our world is justifiable.