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Rand Being Viciously Attacked on freerepublic.com for Hagel "Yes" Vote

These warmongers will never forgive him if this is any indication. I have been more critical of Rand here than most but he really deserves praise for this vote. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for us, it probably means that his strategy to build a coalition between libertarians and the Hannity and Beck types has collapsed. While I am still leery of Rand, this was a defining test for him, and he passed it:

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Free Republic:

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Free Republic

is just one step above Red State, i.e. disgusticating.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

I thought that rands excuse

I thought that rands excuse for voting for a neocon was incredibly lame. He shouldn't even vote at all.. He votes yes as a way to say the president should pick whoever he wants. I vote no on Hagel. And for that matter, I vote no or President Obama!! I don't care how much he sounds like a non interventionist IHsimply don't trust this administration. I actually at first thought hagel was good, and his rhetoric is great and he is more sensible. But I don't expect some magical change in foreign policy.. Looks like someone is trying to look good to me.

Yes on Hagel

I have been sitting on the fence concerning Rand since before the convention.

With Rand's 'Yes on Hagel' vote and "No on Brennan' votes I must say that my admiration for Rand is growing.

I am not on his bandwagon yet, but he deserves kudos for resisting the temptations and designs of the filthy AIPAC that controls the NEOCONS.

Breaking the influence of the AIPAC is the only way to move forward inside the GOP.

Word of advice...

Never and I mean never, click on, read, visit, have anything to do with idiotic chicken hawks on "Free Republic". Quotations marks intentional as "free" definitely means something different to us than it does to that craptacular forum...

Wont matter what person sits

Wont matter what person sits in the Sec. of State or Defense chair. They are burdened by the want and whims of the Obama/Bush administration that has been running for the past 20 years and will do what ever the UN commands them to do.

Southern Agrarian

Rand saw that his vote would not defeat Hagel; so,...

he is "mending fences" with the liberty movement. Good politics and I salute him on his decision to vote "yes," whatever his motives.

Megaphones were out and about on that site

You can see that megaphones were on the site trying to convince everyone that Rand had went off his rocker when the opposite was the case. Good for Rand for having the courage to stand up to these war demons.

Those losers have twice

Those losers have twice nominated McCain and Romney.

They'll swallow their ignorance and vote Paul in 2016.

This vote will be a non-issue by then.

What's Hagel going to do?

Carry a nuke on his back and blow it up in Israel?

God they're demented as it relates to their worship of Israel.

Perhaps a financial enema

would be conducive to diagnosing the overall extent of the dementia.

My guess is...

this fume is more coming from the defense contractors who pay the neo-cons tab in DC. Hagel now can really stick it to them without worrying about retaliation from Congress or the Senate.

The Libertarian Party, irrelevant since 1971.

Many folks mean well here at the DP, but I assure you...

This movement will go NOWHERE so long as we continue to bury our heads at the glaring connection between EVERY Ron/Rand Paul obstacle and these people who call themselves Jews.

"But not all jews are bad," you say.

This is about as responsible as saying, "not all vaccines are bad" or "not all bankers are bad." True. But responsible?

Jews are not the problem. Zionism is the problem.

Maybe this will help put things into perspective


Zionism is not the problem. Apocalyptic Fundamentalism is.

Zionism is not the problem. Apocalyptic Fundamentalism is [a big portion] of the problem. As long as there is a significant proportion of Protestant activists unquestionably upholding the State of Israel as the fulfillment of prophecy, there will be plenty of support for the double agents and outright traitors at AIPAC.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Can you explain how Apocalyptic Fundamentalism

differs from Christian Zionism? Because they sound like the same thing to me.

Cause it doesn't have the word "zionism' in it

Heh! Cause it doesn't have the word "zionism' in it. Otherwise, no difference.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Thought so.

Zionism by any other name. It's still the problem.

That is how I used to phrase it too. But it's a little...eh.

So there's no significant connection between Zionism and Jews? Really?

Do you think the Americans voters who wouldn't vote for RP because of his position on Israel weren't obstacles. Was our Israeli-controlled media not an obstacle? [ just some good stats here, if interested. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNWZR2M09OM ]

Can you even name one obstacle that wasn't in some way Israel/Jewish related? Everyone was either a Jew, funded by a Jew or brainwashed by either of the above.

Again, we're obligated to remind everyone that not all Jews are bad.
But then again, neither are all bankers or vaccines. So, where does that thinking get us?

Hecks, man, not even all

Hecks, man, not even all Zionists are Jews. Non-Jew Zionists are just as much of a problem. It'd be like if I hated ALL Korean people after reading about the problems in North Korea.

End The Fed!
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wow. What does "better safe than sorry" mean?

Again, with the "not all" argument. Not all bees sting, but you still freak out when one is buzzing around your head. It's called prudence (aka, being careful, erroring on the side of caution,...)

Following that logic, you

Following that logic, you must hate and fear everyone on Earth. I wish I could help, but it is up to you to help yourself.

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You could help me.

By respecting yourself enough to produce a logical argument instead of making sweeping statements about "everyone on earth" and "hate". How in the world does this add up? Is everyone a bee? What hate? Huh?

You said Jews were like bees.

You said Jews were like bees. Every group of people has committed atrocities. Americans have committed atrocities. Are all Americans evil? What about German people? Chinese? English? Catholics? By swatting them or avoiding them like they are bees that will sting you, you are denying people their humanity and cutting yourself off from others. If you want to show "prudence", you should judge individuals on what they say and do, not entire races, religions, etc.

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You're saying you get to know the bee first beefore judging it?

Is that pragmatic?

I understand the importance of recognizing individuality. And absolutely every group has committed its share of atrocities, but was it "every group" that was disproportionately attached to every RP obstacle or was it just one? Nearly (if not) all have a jewish connection. You're not denying that, are you? Seriously, think about it. In the Private Investigation field, that would be called a solid lead - something to be tracked down and thoroughly fleshed out. Are you tracking, fleshing? Any professional profiler who dismissed such an obvious pattern wouldn't find themselves employed for very long.

Liberty activists centered only on the promotion of Liberty who choose to blind themselves to the pattern that is consistent in nearly all entities opposing that very Liberty, are just spinning the movement in circles. Sure, people are joining all the time, but the attrition rate, due to lack of actual progress, ensures things stay idle.

The connection isn't Jews (a

The connection isn't Jews (a group of people), but Zionism (an idea). Many Jews are Zionist, but there are also non-Jew Zionists, and non-Zionist Jews. The idea should be fought, not the people. I would happily support a pro-Liberty Jew.

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Are zionists disproportionately Jewish?

Therefore would the star of David suffice as at least a red flag to you? Are religions not ideas? Have you studied the Talmud? Youtube it. Sounds like you'd have no problem NOT seeing someone in the "Zionist group" as an individual, or a kkk GROUP member, I suspect?

I am well aware of the

I am well aware of the Talmud.

The problem to me seems to be the word "Jew" means different things in different contexts. It can be a race, religion, or just a holdover label for someone who came from a Jewish family. Some Jews don't even eat Kosher. Some people are even athiest Jews. I'd say plenty have not read the Talmud or understand what it is really saying, just like there is a HUGE amount of people who say they are Christian but have not read the Bible.

Would I see a self-espoused Zionist, or a member of the KKK as an individual? Of course. Should the Zionists in control who have committed crimes face consequences? Yes. Should the average Israeli who has no power? I don't think so, just like the average German citizen after WWII shouldn't have been demonized. As for the KKK, I think there are probably members who are good people. Truth is, I don't know much about them besides what I hear they used to do when they had a lot of influence. The ones who committed crimes were bad. I've watched plenty of David Duke videos and he is not what people make him out to be. He's an individual.

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If your daughter was trapped under a car, and you needed help lifting it, would you run to the nearby group of men or the group of women? No time for both. All other things being equal.

The correct answer is, "the men." Therefore, you are a collectivist. And collectivism is sensible.

By buying into collectivism,

you're only giving the elites exactly what they want. But sure, go for it. Enjoy playing the perpetual "anti-semite" boogeyman and helping the Zionists keep jews cowed by fears of persecution and extermination, while the rest of us bust our asses to wake them up. We'll do it, with or without your help.

You can't refute the logic directly. So you name call...

and toss in a big word like collectivism to sound smart. Don't kid yourself. This movement needs all the help it can get. Political correctness over prudence is not a sustainable solution.

What logic?

Even you admit that not all jews are bad, but you would be dishonest and say they all are anyway, "just to be safe". That's the kind of logic that leads to, you know, actual persecution. Stop getting bogged down by group identity and start treating people as individuals. If they aren't awake, try to wake them up. Even the Hasbarats that come here, try to wake them up. Never, ever stop trying to wake up the sheeple or turn them away, because waking people up is the only way that we win.

Btw, have you ever heard of the Neturei Karta? They are jewish, and they are opposed to Zionism and the existence of the so-called "State of Israel". Because of this they are oft maligned as "radical", "fringe", and "kooks".....basically everything the Zio-media said about Ron Paul. If these guys came to you and said "let's work together to expose Zionism", would you really shut them out just because they are jews?