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Rand Being Viciously Attacked on freerepublic.com for Hagel "Yes" Vote

These warmongers will never forgive him if this is any indication. I have been more critical of Rand here than most but he really deserves praise for this vote. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for us, it probably means that his strategy to build a coalition between libertarians and the Hannity and Beck types has collapsed. While I am still leery of Rand, this was a defining test for him, and he passed it:

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Free Republic:

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I also admit that not all bankers are bad...

but how come DP-ers are perfectly comfortable blaming "the bankers?"

Do you see all pit bulls and poodles as individuals as well? Or is there a teeeny weeeny chance you see "group identity" and apply a little more caution with pit bulls than poodles? Why is that? Not all pit bulls are aggressive, right? And even some poodles are aggressive, right? But you use *common sense*. Now why do you make an exception when it comes to people groups?

"That's the kind of logic that leads to, you know, actual persecution."

And that kind of INCONSISTENT PRUDENCE leads to, you know, a million+ dead middle eastern kids, trillions of tax dollars stolen, liberties lost and no solution in sight. But hey, at least you're not a bigot. That's what the TV people say is most important.

I have to vehemently disagree

AIPAC and PNAC/FDD does not = all Jews.

Any more than Al Queda represents all Muslims.

Seriously, next time you have idle time try reading the Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, and then Veteran's Today in that order. You will read some wildly divergent Jewish opinions.

Remember it's the Neo-Cons that get all the press. Not all Neo-Cons are Jewish, and not all Jews are Neo-Cons.

Veterans Today was a big supporter of Ron Paul, about the same coverage as Infowars.

You only said exactly what I said you'd say.

The "Not All" logic is exactly what the TV and public schools teach. It doesn't require "all" to establish a pattern and justify prudence. Which do you hear responsible parents saying to their kids more often, "Don't talk to strangers" or "Not all strangers are bad."

As I mentioned, there is a pattern. Denying it is dishonest.

I am a responsible parent

and I teach my children "not all strangers are bad."

I said "more often."

Exceptions don't make the rule.

As for the parents who are teaching that "not all strangers are bad," I can't really imagine the likely scenario that would prompt such a lesson. Except if at first you were emphasizing the importance of NOT talking to strangers, and then following that up with a lesson about exceptions.

Your argument is null, it's McCarthyism

It's like the old childhood joke, "do your parents know your gay yet?"

A positive or negative answer nets the same result.

With apologies and no meaning of offense to any people who might self describe themselves as gay.

Two responses...

and still not one that addresses my sentiment/words directly. We can stop. I was just making a point.

Most blocks of Rand/Ron Paul

has to do with Neo-Cons, both Jewish and non-Jewish.

They are responsible, for the most part.

John Bolton, Newt Gingrich (who is FDD), Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and the other Neo-Con non-Jews are hardly Ron/Rand Paul supporters either.

Let's face it, the Neo-Con agenda, part of which is to secure Israel by invading/subverting any country who questions the morality of the West Bank settlements is the anti-thesis of the Ron/Rand Paul foreign policy view.

If you think all or even most Jews support the Neo-Con agenda you are sadly mistaken.


"Let's face it, the Neo-Con agenda, part of which is to secure Israel..."

Exactly, "Israel." That's the Jewish connection, not the neocon connection. Was RP boo'd for wanting to discontinue aid to neocons or aid to Israel? Was RP banned from participating in the "Republican Neoconservative Coalition" debate or the "Republican Jewish Coalition"? Are the freerepublic people calling Rand a "Neoconservative hater" or a "Jew Hater." (The implication that Rand should be expected to work for Jews (in Israel) as an American senator?)

"Neoconservatism first manifested in the early 1970s. It started among disaffected – mostly Jewish – liberals".

Neoconservatives are disproportionately Jewish. Therefore, Judaism is a noteworthy characteristic of Neoconservativism. Therefore, if Neoconservativism is of concern to you, Judaism would qualify as a Red Flag. If not, then what is a red flag?

You said,

"If you think all or even most Jews support the Neo-Con agenda you are sadly mistaken." (Therefore there is no significant Jewish connection to Rand/Ron blocking.)

Is the same as saying...

"If parents think all or even most strangers will kidnap their kids, then they are sadly mistaken. Therefore they should not tell there kids not to talk to strangers."

"If you think all or even most bankers support the bankrupting of America, then you are sadly mistaken. Therefore bankers are good, and we should look elsewhere for the bad guys."

All I'm saying is that with increased risk comes increased caution. This is just true of life. And no vaccine, industry, weather condition or group of people is above that rule. Take it from Benjamin Freedman and Alan Sabrowski. Both Jews saying the same thing I'm saying. Are they sadly mistaken, as well?


I'm done debating, brother. Good luck to you.

The questions is why anyone

The questions is why anyone thinks the idiots on free republic are relevant?

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Sperg-Lord City.

Sperg-Lord City.

Southern Agrarian

That's a good point.

That's a good point. FreeRepublic is neocon central. They don't really represent the mainstream GOP, they're essentially the troglodyte wing of the party.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

hagel is going to be an obama

hagel is going to be an obama pawn it doesnt matter who they picked the result would have been the same.


Why would we expect anything else. What I didn't know about until yesterday is the "Atlantic Council" and Hagel.

We are in another war for our Independence.

You are probably right but it

You are probably right but it is still worth a gamble. After all, why did Obama pick him? I can't think of a single reason why it helped him politically with either Democrats or Republicans. Maybe, must maybe, Obama (like Gorbachev and the men who dismantled the British Empire) realizes that he can't have guns and better and needs to scale back the empire a tad bit. I admit that it is a long shot but stranger things have happened.

Did I miss something?

I only saw a few comments...

Regardless, let Rand ruffle some feathers. They will come around as we get closer to 16.

Name another Republican with his set of balls and intelligence.

I hope our movement rallies around Rand like we did Ron. We need him out there playing the political game. This is chess, not checkers.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I saw about a hundred.

It's the free republic article where you'll find the comments.

Love thy enemy.


I only saw a few..

Let them rattle sabers. Once Rand fine tunes his message Rove can kiss his ass goodbye.

I hope to God a political fkr like Atwater rises out of his radioactive ashes...

Jussayin. Rand is awesome. Unless we make Rove irrelevant, we will continue an uphill battle.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

everytime one of these story jumps out some random guy

jumps in front of the parade and pretends to be some sort of leader announcing whether he passed or failed some arbitrary most personal test that can't get any more personal, as in it worked for a handful or two.. love it

Rand is a Master despite all the Anger

What a master of political maneuvering and he does it all without compromising his principles! http://subsidiaritytimes.com/2013/02/26/senator-rand-pauls-m...

I'm a Professor, my name is Wall

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Reading through those comments at freerepublic

Wow. And I thought the DP was bad.

Poor Rand. He's like a man without a country. Everyone loves to bash him.

ya he's definitely a one-man soap opera


He voiced his objection

the majority of GOP didn't buy it, so he had nothing to lose giving Obama Hagel..

Grammer Nazi

Thanks for posting, but you better look out for the grammer nazi. :)

I almost feel sorry for Hagel in all this.

He's basically been selected for a good job and will have to go against most of his principles to hold onto that job. There will be just as many if not more strikes under hagel. Like he'll have a say.

You should check

Hagel's voting record. He was as neo-con as it could be until he decided to accompany Obama during his overseas tour thus expressing his loyalties. All Hagel's perceived "anti-Israel" stance is in line with progressive Soros type rhetoric that mimic Israeli socialists. While Israeli people are moving away from those socialists, Hagel and American Jews are moving into opposite direction in US. That makes anti-Semites totally confused.

Who is a Semite?

Who is a Semite?

Joke um if they can't take a fcuk!

Kind of off topic but in the article it said “For the sake of national security, it’s time to set aside this partisanship.”

The whole scary scary "national security" and "terrorist boogieman" meme is SO PLAYED! You'd think these assclowns would realize Americans do not live in fear like they want us too

Rand is a good politician though

Usually :)

I'm not sure that he is

I'm not sure that he is really that "good" (e.g. clever) as politiican. In terms of strategy, he is trying to do the impossible by constructing a weird libertarian/warmonger coalition. This political calculation, however, might now be blowing up in his face because of this vote.