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Report of 2 Dozen Gold Krugerrands Stolen From Safety Deposit Box by CIA

"A Steve Quayle reader has reported that the 2 dozen gold Krugerrands he kept stored in his safety deposit box in a Cincinnati 5/3rd Bank have been confiscated, and that the 5/3 Bank Manager informed him that a CIA agent was the culprit who cleaned out his stash of phyzz- but that all fiat dollars were left untouched in the box."

Even a banksters child knows better than to put anything in the bank that they want back.

I actually used to bank with them back when ATM cards were brand new. Their cash machine was called "Jeanie" and the joke in our family, when one wanted to make a withdrawal, was "I've got to go rape Jeanie." The phrase has stuck, many years and thousands of miles away.... I gets me odd looks some days.

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If you can't put your hands on

it immediately, you don't own it. (Guns, gold, ammo, food, water...)

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Thanks, "patriot" act!

The CIA was never allowed to operate on US soil until its enactment.

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