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Elizabeth Warren Traps Ben Bernanke

Clip of exchange without commentary:

Commentary below:

Senator Rand Paul may not be doing anything to really go after The Banks, or The Federal Reserve policies, but at least Senator Elizabeth Warren is starting to.

You may recall a couple of weeks ago, Elizabeth Warren challenged the so-called Bank Regulators on why no Wall Street firms or Big Banks had ever be taken to trial over their fraud.

Here below, Elizabeth Warren traps Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke in his contradictions about the corrupt "too big too fail" Bailout policy. It's good to see someone finally raising these important questions in The U.S. Senate.

Video Link: Elizabeth Warren Traps Ben Bernanke

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Big Banks May Not Be Too Big To Fail ? ? ?

When Warren cornered Bernanke he pretty much stated that Fed policy now is to "liquidate" the big banks if necessary due to a "failure". Makes me wonder if he really meant that or if he was just trying to get off the hot seat. In any event, it would be good to know how credit default swap spreads reacted to his comments. Anyone have Bloomberg?

Ed Rombach

Let's encourage her.Send

Let's encourage her.

Send Senator Warren an email:

Here's what we sent -- just to give anyone who doesn't know how to start one idea for a template. We need to encourage good behavior -- even if we distrust motivations. If Sen. Warren got a hundred such emails attempting to schedule a thank-you, it could at least bolster her resolve and make a more merry path if she ever contemplates are more libertarian frame of mind.

More bees with honey and all that. Let's give it a try. Post if you did it. Post other template-ish versions for the folks who come next.

Senator Warren,

Thank you so much for your tenacity in questioning those before you in the Senate Banking Committee. My husband and I have been shocked by the actions of both Congress and Mr. Breanne in using taxpayer money as an insurance policy for private financial institutions. We have been actively working to pull all our assets and liabilities out of any bank and financial institution that has received too-big-to-fail government consideration. We assume that many others are doing the same.

We applaud your line of questioning and urge you to continue and to press for a change of policy. We think that, if a significant change in policy doesn't materialize, masses of Americans will decide to re-define who's too big to fail by moving their money as we have.

As the only email we could find for you that didn't tie us into a form was this scheduling email, we'd be happy to schedule a phone thank you, which you are free to arrange through this email address.

Again thank you. You made us feel proud despite that you are long way from being our state senator. Chin up and keep it up.

What happened to this woman?

This is the woman I recognize prior to her running for office. She went into campaign mode and sounded like a complete buffoon. Now she is back to whom she was and it is completely refreshing. Mrs. Warren you need to NEVER EVER GET BACK TOGETHER WITH THE CHILDISH MOROANS who the ran your campaign. Next time go out there and speak just like you have spoken today. The American people need someone to ask the hard questions and be smart enough to know what those hard questions should be………man I hope the idiots sitting up there with you are listening…….hey you other idiots………this is what we need.

"Before we can ever ask how things might go wrong; we must first explain how they could ever go right"


The enemy

The enemy of my enemy is still the enemy to my Constitution.......

False Flag......

As we learned from The Creature from Jekyll Island, the opposition always takes the sentiment of the people and controls the dissent.....Tea Party, Occupy, etc....

Warren is just that, she says all the right things and leads the movement, right into the ground. Just like Sarah Palin.

My view - This is a worn out establishment trick to co-opt our grass roots movement from the left.

Study the Aldrich plan......

in that case

we will never know who genuine and who's not. By your assertions and rationale even Dr. Paul could be label as someone who controls the opposition.

Jury Nullification is a power of the last resort against tyranny.

Like Usual, Elizabeth Warren is Wrong

If you watched the full exchange, you see that she wants to force large banks to pay for a "too big to fail" insurance policy that not only they haven't specifically asked for, but a policy that Bernanke makes very clear doesn't exist.

If you believe the government has the right to force companies (or anyone for that matter) to pay for insurance they don't want and may not even exist, then you may want to re-evaluate your concept of liberty.

good point except for

Good point except for whats being done right now to us as consumers.
Can you say government backed "oligarchy monopoly"
The USA government kind of sets it to where you have to bank
They "the banks" have no reserves!

The Reason for the bailout's is the fact that if 5% to 10% tried to take our the money there would be a run that WOULD fail.

If you want to have some fun and you have the cash walk in to any bank and see how much cash you can draw out?
If you get lets say 10,000 from one bank and go to another you will get a call saying it looks like you may be doing something wrong!

Wanting the banks who are booking profits on OUR
Let me repeat that "OUR and OUR KIDS BACKS" $85,000,000,000.00 per month right now to insure our account seems like the least they can do. is insure the money.

My self I would love to have gold that we don't have to 1099

She is smarter than 99% of the Congress,
She isn't much of a political person "MEANING NOT MUCH OF A NONE TRUTH TELLER"

Ron Paul was/is One in a million

Just want what seems to be missing, Truth and Justice for ALL
What is fraud except creating “value” from nothing and passing it off as something?

Wrong: "Too Big To Fail" DOES Exist

Ben Bernanke is just simply trying to deny, or dismiss "too big to fail", but the policy very clearly does exist -- and Warren points out that the Banks are already getting this Bailout money.

Bernanke is the liar here!!

Someone explain and/or point

Someone explain and/or point to where she "trapped" Ben?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

full exchange

Not sure she actually traps him, but she is sure asking some of the correct questions. I'm just a little concerned that it sounds like she is OK with the taxpayer insuring against failure as long as the banks are paying for it. That's not good.

SteveMT's picture

Listen to the second clip.

In that clip, Bernanke says at the very end: We should get rid of it.
"It" meaning TBTF. She got him to admit this after he has defended these bailouts for years.

good point

how true, how true...

I don't know. The only oen I

I don't know. The only oen I remember that trapped Ben up, was Dr. Paul..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

SteveMT's picture

This clip has the Ron Paul seal of approval, IMO.

Elizabeth Warren's Q&A of Ben Bernanke at Senate Banking Committee Hearing

enemy of my enemy is my friend

gogo elizabeth warren!! wait, why didn't this philosophy work on an international level again?

well it might be an entirely different story for libertybaby--'how do i live without social security' nonono it's not entitlement's fault set to consume the whole budget in a few years, it's them dam bankers, socialism for the rich is wrong but for the poor is ok even if meaning shooting all others to death

Social security is not an entitlement

Social security is deducted from every paycheck you take home. People on social security paid for it all their working lives. It's money taken involuntarily by the government, and then "borrowed" by our elected officials. SS is going broke because they STOLE it.


Get Real...

> " it's them dam bankers, socialism for the rich is wrong"

Yes, Absolutely!

Trillions of dollars were looted and stolen by Wall Street and the Bankers, and so now in your mind...this was the fault of the poor people?

Trillions of dollars are wasted everyday on Worldwide criminal violence, murder, torture, and bribery overseas inside Foreign Lands, and yet in your mind this is the fault of the poor people?

You are really sick.

The top 1%-2% in this Country owns all the wealth in this Country. There are one set of "rules" and Laws (Loopholes) that apply to the Rich Elite Criminal Class in this Country, and a completely different set of "rules" and Laws that apply to everybody else. We have socialism for the rich, and austerity for the poor in this Country. We are today already right now one of the worst Nation's in the World in how our Country's wealth is distributed. And one out-of-every four or 25% of the children in this Country lives in a state of total poverty (in this Country). Nobody can even afford to go to College anymore (in just this Country alone, and not as a resident anywhere else in the World). And the poverty gap just grows and grows each and every day.

Yet in the face of these facts, it is the criminal Bankers and Wall Street crooks who are the victims (?) in your twisted mind, and you just want to rip the shirts off the backs of the poor people?

You're a Jacka$$...I bet you just can't wait to see old people dying in the streets, so you can laugh at their desperation. Go back to listening to your Rush Limbaugh brainwashing.......Wall Street, Neocon, Rockefeller scum.

Too big to fail?

Try the Free market...

Liquidate these suckers, case closed and with in 18 months prosperity reemerges. Depression of 1921, Iceland, etc...

Eventually it reaches a point of essential alienation, where it can no longer pretend to represent the governed. The American government is now the most powerful human organization that has ever existed. It has made a stupid habit of exercising power arbitrarily, uninhibited by moral or constitutional principle. It is not a conspiracy masterminded by some cunning genius at the center; it is a system of power which large numbers of greedy and ambitious people have learned to use. It has ceased to be a problem for Americans only; it has become a problem for a large part of the human race. Joseph Sobran

Full Video Of The Exchange?

Why did they edit out all of Bernanke's responses?

I don't see how she "trapped him" if we saw no responses.


I always doubted her

I always doubted her sincerity because she never targeted the Federal Reserve. Glad to see she's starting to come around on this issue.

Simple Facts and Plain Arguments
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elizabeth warren goes after ben bernanke...

i saw an end the fed comment on huffingtonpost...

Albert Camus — 'The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.'

scawarren's picture

Me too and I added another :)

Me too and I added another :)

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain
Real patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it's wrong. - Ron Paul

good to hear

i've posted on the San Francisco Chronicle off and on for years and always got down voted. now, it's like 50-50. people are waking up.

people are waking up

im glad people are waking up to the evil institution knew as the federal reserve...

Albert Camus — 'The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.'

Good Start for a freshman Senator