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Alex Jones interviewed by Howard Stern (Great radio 2/26/13

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Question, Jhorne:

Out of all the things AJ and Cooper said, have ANY OF THEIR REPORTS been accurate? Now, that being asked: have you ever learned SOMETHING NEW from Alex Jones or Bill Cooper based on their news reports?

I'm just trying to get you to look at the glass half full, friend. I don't agree with everything Alex says either, but you can't say he's simply fear mongering if some of his reports are accurate.

Accurate news = journalism. Right?

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That was fkn awesome

Thank you Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



That was a fun show, what a surprise when I saw this post...

... and I am a fan of both Alex Jones and Howard Stern. Alex is awesome when he is relaxed and just having fun... This was a great interview with plenty of laughs and food for thought.

Many of us have a certain issue or gain key knowledge that allows us to break through the reality paradigm... For Stern it may be the suicidal shrimp story or bisexual fish. Who knows.

It was very cool listening to two of my favorites having a fun, friendly conversation about some serious and not so serious issues.

Thanks for posting!


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Think AJ is paranoid and crazy?

Ever heard of that rapper called "The Game"?

Watch his movie. If you travel to NYC, and you're well known, you'll be followed. It's just not that unusual.


One of the best interviews I've seen in a while

Absolutely hilarious too!

Thanks for posting

Howard learned there are suicidal shrimp.

I learned the higher your income (as in Howard) the lower your regard for humanity. Howard must be a Jr. elite. Is that much like a drug? It must be, because it is a pattern with the elite.

friendly towards the misinformed


kind people rock

good day for getting people

good day for getting people out of the matrix


howard stern and michael

howard stern and michael savage in one day. amazing.


This is incredible

Alex Jones gets more and more exciting to watch. I really have so much love for the guy.

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Clip of Howard Bashing Ron Paul

I think Howard owes Ron an apology.But he probably is so proud of himself and his fame and money that he would think otherwise.You make the call... http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=r-u...

I don't know much about Stern...

But after watching the Alex Jones interview above I figured Howard Stern would be somewhat supportive, or at least respectful, towards Ron Paul. It was sickening listening to him bash the good doctor. Whatever respect I gained towards Stern after the Jones interview was lost after listening to this video.

If you know anything about

If you know anything about Howard it's that he is scared of the truth. It's from his mother and childhood, etc. Artie Lange was on heroin for 6 years on his show and lied to him constantly and he believed him. He is also scared to go against the grain when it comes to government and conspiracies because of the horrors his mother told him about the Holocaust. He also probably doesn't go against the grain just for the same reason Obama doesn't.. he values his life. Ron Paul has real balls.

Enjoyed the interview.

Thanks for posting it.

Landmark day For Liberty...

I listened live. I was so excited when I heard Howard say that Alex would be on around 7am. I've been waiting 7 or 8 years for Howard to speak with Alex. I tried to copy/paste the full one piece interview from my Twitter but my phone won't allow it. Howard has more listeners than the Late Show or Tonight Show. Robin Quivers, Howard's on air partner is a major ally to the liberty movement. She has major influence over the Stern Show. Stern's core audience includes artistic Hollywood types. Writers, producers, actors, comedians, singers, etc. Lots of stuff that originates on the Stern Show later appear in movies, tv, commercials, etc. Today with Alex on Stern, the liberty movement has hit a major milestone. We are in the mainstream. Thank these following people for Alex's appearance today and encourage them to include more liberty types in their conversations in the future. We're the cool kids and Stern is a natural rebel. His problems with Clear Channel started 8 years ago when he spoke out against Bush and the Iraq invasion. Howard isn't currently as aware as people here but we're now on his personal radar. Lets strike while the iron is hot. Robin has covered 2 stories in her news that I've sent her on Twitter. They weren't front page headline news and I found both stories on here and LewRockwell.com . 1 was Bobby Kennedy Jrs questioning of his father and Uncle's assassinations and the other was the pro 2nd Amendment Milwaukee Sheriff. Maybe she found them on her own I don't know. Send them relevant news worthy tweets. @howardstern (Desperately needs to see the big picture. No clue about the Fed though he's asked out loud why we're so concerned about it. Still believes the JFK single bullet theory. Would be a liberty force to be reckoned with if woken up. Needs to have us sending him DailyPaul front page news. Leading with conspiracy theories could discredit us with him. I only send him my best stuff. Again it's stuff that I find here or LewRockwell.com Don't forget to send/post new or relevant episodes of The Lew Rockwell Show!) @rqui (Robin Quivers, #2 personality on the Stern Show. Liberal/libertarian crossbreed. Vivacious.) @sternshow @robertAbooey (Howard's Head Producer Gary Del'Abate.) @FredNorris (Howard's in studio sound effects guy. High IQ. Currently liberal. Grew up in rural Connecticut.) @bronk (Howard's in studio writer. Already a libertarian. Heard him mention Ron and Gary Johnson a few times during election season.) @SDepace (Resident Stern Show NeoCon. Shamed inventor of the Golf Caddy. Chronic cigarette smoker. Bald. Overall miserable soul who's lived his entire life under a black cloud.) My own personal Twitter account name is @RyanScott35

Alex Jones Is Great Here!

Howard is unusually civil here.


Three of my favorite Texans...

...W. Jennings, Jones, & Paul.

Thanks for posting.


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Jennings, Cash,

Jennings, Cash, Kristofferson, and Nelson of the Highway Men. Jennings is my Fav! But Nelson was a Paul supporter.

Two out of three aint bad......

..............Jones is questionable.

ron paul is from

ron paul is from pennsylvania. he was once the fastest man in the world. he was 1/10th of a second off from the world record in the 100 meter. but i think there was a time in his life when God said, "You are the fastest man in the world, Ron Paul."


Don't Forget

Willie, Buddy and Stevie Ray.

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Alex Jones!

Love that Guy! He's been so dedicated! Full of energy! Sure, he has his quirks, but you can not deny he is a real warrior. I'd go crazy doing what he does! It takes a special person to do what he does!

Hope many of you get a chance to watch this.

I hope many of the people on Daily Paul get a chance to watch this.

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Careful with the self-bumping.

I can tell that you are excited listening to this. Me too! This is great radio and is extremely well done with no language issues so far.

I agree with you but ....

Seeing as this is a video and the entire interview was over 1 1/2 hours I have tried to give others a chance to view this.

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Thanks for posting all of this interview.


Thank you!

I believe many people will enjoy this video. You get to see the lighter side of Alex. Very funny in many place but also it was very informative for Howard's audience.

This was one good interview and funny

I would have to say that this was one of Alex Jones best interviews in his life. Great stuff and was by in far very informative for Howard Stern's audience.