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2016 Presidential Election Strategy

In 2012, we followed Ron Paul's lead and put 90% of our faith in the GOP. Hoping, praying, fighting and screaming for our man to be selected to defeat the president. After the convention many people dropped out of the race and opted not to vote or write in Paul's name. A small portion chose to begin support for third party candidates, like Gary Johnson. Unfortunately, it turns out third party candidates often have a hard time reaching the national debate stage, and thus have little to no chance competing in any state for electoral votes.

I am proposing a new strategy for 2016, which promotes the absolute best candidates for every party, guarenteeing AT LEAST a partial victory for us. When we talk to a staunch liberal, we talk up the most fantastic democrat we can think of. If we are discussing politics with an Independent, we can take full advantage and promote the Liberty message by promoting our favorite Libertarian. With those on the right, we can talk up the best Republican candidate.

I understand this strategy wouldn't have worked in this last cycle, since it was an incumbant on the left and Dems had no choice but to accept Barack as their man. But for the next election, we should be able to promote our message to anybody on the political spectrum. If that message is clear and well-heard, then we will find ourselves victorious regardless of the winner!

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Welcome to the first debate

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome:

Republican candidate, Senator Rand Paul.
Representing the Democratic Party, Senator Elizabeth Warren
And of the Libertarian Party, the honorable Judge Andrew Napolitano!

*roars of applause*

HA! We can dream, right?!