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Washington Man Arrested For Having A Green Tongue

A Washington State man was arrested for having a green tongue on a supposed Marijuana DUI stop. The story by Mikael Thalen, Liberty activist and writer for Seattle Examiner below:


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When I received my minor in

When I received my minor in possession, they said I had a green tongue

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My friends in Seattle warned me about this

Before the law passed that legalized pot, I was congratulating him on how he'd soon be able to light up a doobie on his front porch, but he warned there were some pretty serious and stiff penalties that made it look not so good.

Here we go. This is a perfect example. As someone noted below, you could smoke a joint yesterday and still test positive based on their limits today.

He's the man.


I'm glad we don't have anti-vampire laws.

Anyone else imagining how this arrest went down...

and hearing the 'Benny Hill' theme song playing in the background?

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They forcefully draw blood

They forcefully draw blood for marijuana tests. That means that they can strap you down and forcefully draw your blood if they SUSPECT you have been smoking. Did you swerve because you sneezed or were momently distracted? They can arrest you, strap you down and forcefully draw your blood. If they can forcefully draw your blood, then dont be surprised if they will pass a law that allows them to forcefully put something in your blood.

Police state strides forward

Next thing you know I get life in prison for having a beer at the library.

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Just As Long As You Don't Display The Dreaded "Forked Tongue"




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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

All this story will do is

All this story will do is make millions of marijuana smokers go smoke a joint or bowl and go looking at their tongue. brb going to smoke a bowl haha. total bs!

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This reminds...

me of a time I got pulled over for a busted tail light. Then the officer asked to look at my tongue and said it looked like I was smoking weed.

I looked straight in his face like he was a complete idiot and said "Who told you that you can tell someone smoked weed from looking at their tongue, that's retarded!!! If you push this I'm gonna request your supervisor because I call BS and your supervisor knows that's BS."

Cop went to his car and gave me a fixit ticket. I was just dumbfounded at how this cop asked to see my mouth and that somehow they can tell I'm on drugs. Ridiculous!!!!

It's a bating technique 100%. Cop makes a lie about how they can tell you are on something which is used to get you to confess.

I disagree with it being a

I disagree with it being a baiting technique. The officers are actually trained that way.

I was hosting a party about 5-6 years ago, and without warning me, my roommate invited one of his high school friends over who happened to be a MN state trooper. We were playing some cards together, and I pulled out my one-hitter to have a toke. When I finished, he asked me to stick out my tongue. He looked at my tongue, and said "That's weird". After asking him what was so weird about my tongue, he said "I learned in training that you can tell if someone has smoked weed because their tongue will be green."

I thought that was really weird at the time, but having just found out the guys profession, I didn't feel like arguing with him. I did have to have a talk with my roommate later about inviting LEO's over without warning me. My roommate apologized and said that the two of them went way back, and there was no danger of his friend arresting me so he didn't even think about warning me. The off duty trooper honestly believed in the green tongue BS, and was just curious after watching me partake...

exactly, the green tongue is

exactly, the green tongue is just a way to get you to confess. It is total bs. The only way your tongue could get green is if you chew on bud to the point the chlorophyll is on your tongue as broken down goo kinda like a food grinder.

If you smoke weed you have smoke going into you not green chlorophyll. If anything you might have some black ash or black resin on your teeth from a dirty pipe but green tongue? That is total bs!! unless your eating straight bud.

Unless you love chewing marijuana to the point it is paste in your mouth kinda like chewing sand. Then your tongue is green from jolly ranchers,slurpees or green beer,candy or another source of food/coloring.

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if you were eating straight bud for hours (which no one would do because it's expensive) I don't think it's possible to get any green in your mouth. Maybe some ish stuck in your teeth. But it just does not work that way.

But most people will go "oh well a cop said it's a way of telling, he already knows, why not confess? He told me he'd be lenient if I confessed." Bam that cop got an admission of guilt and your ass is going downtown.

actually fresh bud can leave

actually fresh bud can leave a green tint and color in your mouth if you are chewing it like tobacco which is gross if you ask me:) same concept with butter it turns green when making it with marijuana . You are correct though just chewing it and swallowing might look like you have herbs in your teeth:) officer it was only green eggs and ham!

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Beware of drinking green beer, etc. on St. Paddy's Day in Washington state! Green tongues can get you arrested!

Or lime popsicles, koolaid,

Or lime popsicles, koolaid, sherbert, bubblegum or lifesavers.


And cake frosting with

green food coloring.

And there you have it...

When confronted by the man keep your mouth shut.

Exercise Liberty.

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Kent police > law

If you smoke a blunt the day before you get pulled over, you will test over 5ng. The testing is BS and there are numerous lawsuits ongoing about this.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

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A green tongue! A green tongue?!

You can't have a green tongue in this country! You need to have a red tongue. If you have a green tongue, you need to step out of the car.

Where do you think you are - America?

/ end sarc.

He's the man.
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No more Jolly Ranchers for you!

He's the man.


no green Life Savers! I hate them, anyway!

Haha! Nice!

I'll have to add that to my travel checklist.

Sunglasses: Check.
Visine: Check.
Breath mints: Check.
Cologne: Check.
Ozium spray: Check.
Watermelon Jolly Ranchers: Check!

Exercise Liberty!

America Rising.
The Constitution Stands.

"That the pen is mightier than the sword would be proven false; if I should take my sword and cut off the hand that holds the pen" - American Nomad

green film on his tongue...sign that he was using marijuana


my tongue turns green when I drink coffee.

better stay home.

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I said this would happen.

See here: http://www.dailypaul.com/261983#comment-2821803

But, I never would have guessed a green tongue would be an excuse.

It's becoming such a cartoonish police state.

I was ticketed for marijuana

I was ticketed for marijuana when i was 16 back in 2000. I was caught red handed with it in my possession in southern utah. the officer (who was my school cop) requested to see my tongue. He said he could tell I had been using. I asked how could he tell. He said my tongue was green. He also explained to my parents when they arrived that by the looks of my tongue, I was using multiple times a week.

here's vid

Cops Bust Man For Marijuana DUI Because He Had A Green Tongue
February 26, 2013 Q13 News

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Forcefully drawing blood

Forcefully drawing blood against one's will is disturbing. It is not right and needs to be stopped.

Does smoking up

cause a green tongue? I have never heard of that before.