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Ever wonder who your state electors actually are? See here...

Apparently, everybody who thinks they're voting for president isn't actually doing anything. At the end of the day (in December actually), it's a chosen few that decides who the next president will be. Precisely, how/when they are chosen and how bound they are I'm not sure.

It's from wikipedia. So, who knows. I don't know what I was expecting, but researching some of these names brings up "normal" people. I can't imagine the PTB are just putting the future of their gravy train in the trusting hands of average Joes. But I don't know much about the process. I found it kind of interesting.


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I was a Republican Elector from

my state. Due to the shenanigans by the Romney camp during our District Conventions, those that voted were confused and thought they were voting for Alternate Delegates, when in fact the vote was for Electors.
Electors are usually the ones elected to the position as a reward for good service within the state party.


Do you know what would happen if electors conspired to elect someone other than to whom they are pledged?

This is called an "unfaithful" elector I think---

An elector doesn't sign a pledge that he will vote for the party nominee, it is just assumed he will do so, and the pressure is on!

I sometimes wonder who I would have voted for if the Republican candidate had won-----hmmmmm