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Incognito government contact

I think I was just contacted by a person who may have been representing a government position.... I was commenting on an Obama post. I was "friended" by a person on facebook whom I accepted their request. I chatted with them for awhile and things became fishy. I was asked about my expertise, and later when I asked them about their's (who co-insided) with mine, they were not able to produce a proper response. I saved the chat, and unfriended them immediately. Has any one else experienced this type of interaction?

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I've had people on twitter

trying to pull me into 'extremist' views and conversations and I can tell they are fishing and trying see how I will respond. I don't respond and just block them. A few weeks later, I will get another. They have to do will guns..how many or what types I own, or how to make explosives or harming politicians (without coming right out & saying it, but the innuendos are strong). Trust your intuition and block these types.

Will do. I didn't that far

Will do. I didn't that far into the conversation, but on the Obama post I mentioned NDAA and drone warfare. I think that might have been what tee'd them off. Anyway, never doing that again. lol

Holy crap. Might be a signal

Holy crap.
Might be a signal that it is time to leave facebook.

Southern Agrarian

I didn't talk about any real

I didn't talk about any real personal things, so I don't think I have to leave FB all together. If anything I am on a "keep a look out for" type of list. Still creepy. Really creeped me out last night (this morning). I have the chat saved to a file if anyone is actually interested in seeing it. I should have picked up on the random type friends on their list and the pictures that didn't really make sense. The name of the person was "Jenny Huston" in case people want to see it.