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Cops: Man Arrested Calling 9-11 Nine Times trying To Order Cheeseburgers

Cops: Man Arrested Calling 9-11 Nine Times trying To Order Cheeseburgers

By Eric Pfeiffer, Yahoo! News | The Sideshow – 14 hrs ago..

An Indiana man got the attention of local police after he tried to order a cheeseburger by calling 911 nine times.

According to WISHTV, 52-year-old Gregory Jackson Sr. has reportedly had past run-ins with police, but this may be the most bizarre. Jackson reportedly made the nine phone calls in just 90 minutes.

Eventually, New Castle, Ind., police showed up at Jackson’s home and arrested him. Finally, the dispatcher sent police to Jackson’s residence. Though, despite the series of strange calls, the dispatcher was reportedly concerned Jackson was calling, because he hadn’t eaten food in a long time.

A partial transcript of the exchange between Jackson and the 911 dispatcher who spoke with him, according to WISHTV:

Dispatcher: Do you have an emergency sir, because you dialed 911.
Jackson: I dialed 911.

Dispatcher: Yeah you dialed 911. ...

Dispatcher: OK, so why did you call 911 for, what do you need.
Dispatcher: Do you have an emergency?
Jackson: A cheeseburger.
Dispatcher: Have a good day.

Jackson then called back into the emergency phone line.

Dispatcher: 911, Your emergency.
Jackson: Yes, I just spoke with you. You hung up on me.
Dispatcher: Well I asked if you had an emergency. You said no, you needed a cheeseburger. So we don't take cheeseburger orders.

And still, Jackson calls back demanding a cheeseburger from the dispatcher.

Dispatcher: You know if you give me some information maybe we can try and help you out.

And finally, the dispatcher was on the phone with Jackson when the authorities arrived on the scene.

Dispatcher: You hear them knocking?
Jackson: Yes.

The police apparently did not arrive with cheeseburgers in hand. But they also have yet to charge Jackson over the series of 911 calls. Instead, they arrested him on a separate outstanding warrant for failing to show up to an appointed court date regarding a separate charge.

Read more; http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/man-arrested-calling-91...

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Sorry emal

I usually like your articles, sir, but I had to give you a "-1" on this one.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Oh No!!!

Not the dreaded -1...I'll have to do better aye?

Maybe he will get his cheesburger now?

He was wrong to tie up the 911 line, but if this is the worse of our national problems, we're doing very well.

It's Good To Have A Sense of Humor Grange...

I know it wasn't funny for the police department to have to respond to this goof ball.

Once in awhile I like to stir the pot and post something a little bizaar..