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Ron Paul Website Battle

Here's an update about the battle between Ron Paul and the owners of RonPaul.com and RonPaul.org. Interesting to note the groups that own the domain names.


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Strange how Ron Paul pretends to be the owner

Strange also how mister "I might need to condescend toward you some more about this" Lew Rockwell is suddenly keeping his big mouth shut.

Very odd.

Maybe RP really did have to go this route, these guys seem a little slippery.

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Ownership & dates are very odd - looks like we don't know the

whole story. I suppose it could be proxy ownership or some other arrangement. Any ideas?

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Yeah I think it is a proxied ownership..

When this first came out I did the whois and ALSO checked the given addresses.. They're offices are within 2 miles of one another from what I gathered.

I bet if it were to be dug out, you'd find a Roger Stone-like operation being ran.

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