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Fishy's Rocket Mass Heater Build - Part 1


Should have part 2 up in a few weeks. THANK YOU again, Twelve-Oh-One. This vid's for you!

Anybody want to use a free trial of the editing site I used? If you use this link to get your free trial, I get more free editing sessions, and it is much more versatile than the youtube editor. Use this link to get one free HD video for yourself, and one for me! Thanks!


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I Like It Fishy!

Good Ole American Ingenuity...The music was Ok..No complaints..

Will wait for part 2..

If anyone wants a T-shirt

I just made a new logo and put it on a T-shirt at Zazzle, we will make a couple bucks off each shirt. It is hard to read at the link, it says "Idaho Aquaponics" and "Food Solutions."

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Thanks Fishy

I'm not sure what it was but I can see it now. Thanks again.

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Wait? So what are you doing

Wait? So what are you doing exactly? Building a rocket base?

And you should use Microsoft Movie Maker as opposed to the crappy YouTube editor. The Microsoft app is free and it does HD:

Yes. I've had enough of this planet, I am outta here...

It is a hillbilly wood gassifier. It uses small branches, so you don't have to cut trees down for fuel, just trim them. The flame gets drafted sideways through the burn chamber, then the hot gasses go up the pipe inside the barrel. When they hit the top of the barrel, they collect and ignite again, creating a second, hotter burn. You wind up using 1/4 to 1/5 the wood a conventional wood stove burns, and the emissions are much cleaner. What you see here is the "rocket" half, the "mass" is what we will show in part two, it is how you utilize all that heat efficiently.
Youtube is what I know how to use, they would not let me put my song with it. I found the other place, and it let me do what I wanted to get done at least. I'll sure check out that link, the site I found wants a $5 a month subscription and free would be much better. Thanks.

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YouTube is a hosting service.

YouTube is a hosting service. All they do is provide the content. Just like NBC, ABC, CBS or FOX. They don't make any of the programming... someone else makes it... they just play it for the masses through their network.

YouTube is the same way.

What you were talking about was actually making the movie. Movie Maker (a Microsoft program) works quite well for the beginner -- although it may take you 20 - 30 minutes to kind of figure it out.

You can cut clips, splice clips together, add text, add music overlays -- whatever you need.

It's quite easy actually.

Youtube creates content

They started in 2008 - just in time for the presidential elections. They created a channel called CitizenTube that had extensive Google-approved content on all the presidential candidates except one. In response to outrage over the omission, they posted a blurb that said essentially, "And then there's this kook who has no chance."

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

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You underestimate the oldness of the dog, or the dogness of the

old, or something... I'll give it a try but I LIKE that youtube hardly has any options - less decisions! lol! But, we are about to try to start making seriously educational videos, so I'd better get seriously better at videography and editing.

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It's easy. Open the

It's easy.

Open the application.
Click the open button at the top and select your video.

The video will open and process

There is an edit button a the top that will allow you to add Titles or text. You can put your cursor anywhere on the video and click split -- this will split the video into two or more parts. You can then delete those parts by selecting the clip and just pressing the delete button.

It's simple.. it really is.

Very nice!

We would love to build one someday. (although if the trowel was missing, my stone/brick mason husband would have had a fit):) I will still use my wood cookstove, however, as I wouldn't want to do without that homemade sourdough bread cooked in it. We are thinking of moving to a colder climate, and would need more than a cookstove, and it looks like a rocket mass heater would be just the thing. Looking forward to hearing more about yours!

Love the song!

And also seeing how this goes together...thanks, fishy! (Is that band local to you?)

Looking forward to pt.2. -:)



It is our well driller - lol!

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Not even a comment on that song?

It is my "go to work" tune, thought folks here would love it.

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TwelveOhOne's picture


Very nice video! I really enjoyed the 30 degree angle remark -- the best part is sharing the knowledge so that it can be duplicated elsewhere. Very much looking forward to part 2!

The music was great, too, do they have a site and could you provide a link?

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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http://jsjinc.net - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)

No website

He plays in 3 or 4 bands - when he gets a gig, he calls around to see who can play - lol! I hope to get him to play at our "Grand Opening" - you'll have to come see him live! ;)

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I dug the song

and the rocket heater is cool...looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

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Right on !

I dug the heater and the song! What a cool well driller!