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The power of the individual knows no bounds.

A tribal boy out-performs the UN.

Large sums have been spent in recent years by officials in a bid to protect the lions and strengthen Kenya's tourism industry. Yet conservationists say that many of these top-down initiatives fail to gain traction with local populations. And this is why inventions like Turere's -- home grown, simple, affordable and effective -- can make a big difference.

Indeed, several neighbors of the Turere family in Kitengela have sought Turere's help, asking him to install the system in their enclosures. In total, around 75 "Lion Light" systems have so far been rigged up around Kenya.


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Bump for the individual

This article...

...made my day. As it reaffirms the power of the individual.

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Nice. Beautiful

Look at the smile on that boy's face! What brightness!

Thanks. That made my day too.

Love it.

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