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Bitcoin at Free State Project Event - VIDEO

These are MUST SEE videos if you're even remotely curious about how Bitcoin can help the cause of liberty.

Three notable Bitcoin experts gave a panel talk at Liberty Forum, one of the Free State Project's two annual events.

Eight videos in all:

http://youtu.be/xkgc00ANETc (1 of 8)

http://youtu.be/giT7KT6i9rU (2 of 8)

http://youtu.be/NGMDwx5b6F4 (3 of 8)

http://youtu.be/irTcRUoC0cc (4 of 8)

http://youtu.be/YbLYmjXsydM (5 of 8)

http://youtu.be/MJCLCQ8zTC4 (6 of 8)

http://youtu.be/4y4Z-k4mJFU (7 of 8)

http://youtu.be/RAAjFF_Wwfk (8 of 8)

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My prediction

$1,000 = one bitcoin
within one year

Michael Nystrom's picture


Thanks for the vids. I'll listen as I have a chance.

He's the man.

Thanks for

the support, Michael!

I know many here on the DP are negative on Bitcoin, and obviously I respect their opinion. Truthfully I'd shut up entirely about it if it wasn't for the fact I KNOW how much Bitcoin can help the cause of liberty.

These videos show Bitcoin in a way many here should relate to because the venue is the Free State Project.