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Bitcoin at Free State Project Event - VIDEO

These are MUST SEE videos if you're even remotely curious about how Bitcoin can help the cause of liberty.

Three notable Bitcoin experts gave a panel talk at Liberty Forum, one of the Free State Project's two annual events.

Eight videos in all:

http://youtu.be/xkgc00ANETc (1 of 8)

http://youtu.be/giT7KT6i9rU (2 of 8)

http://youtu.be/NGMDwx5b6F4 (3 of 8)

http://youtu.be/irTcRUoC0cc (4 of 8)

http://youtu.be/YbLYmjXsydM (5 of 8)

http://youtu.be/MJCLCQ8zTC4 (6 of 8)

http://youtu.be/4y4Z-k4mJFU (7 of 8)

http://youtu.be/RAAjFF_Wwfk (8 of 8)

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My prediction

$1,000 = one bitcoin
within one year

Michael Nystrom's picture


Thanks for the vids. I'll listen as I have a chance.

All art is only done by the individual. The individual is all you ever have, and all schools only serve to classify their members as failures. E.H.

Thanks for

the support, Michael!

I know many here on the DP are negative on Bitcoin, and obviously I respect their opinion. Truthfully I'd shut up entirely about it if it wasn't for the fact I KNOW how much Bitcoin can help the cause of liberty.

These videos show Bitcoin in a way many here should relate to because the venue is the Free State Project.