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Video: Ron Paul Supporter & Pizzeria Owner on CNN's Piers Morgan Last Night

Surprised this hasn't already been posted. The store owner stumbled a bit, but came across as a scholar when compared to Piers, of course.


Original Mediaite article.

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Evil pizza dealer seeks to make profit by giving discounts

To locals in his village. Come on Piers, grow up. Piers sounds like the bully in the playground.

I wonder if anybody else

questions this guys authenticity? All seemed well until he began speaking of the UN threat and it got my imagination rolling. That small bit of language may serve to promote greater fear into the uninformed public and thereby increase support for gun control. He countered Morgan really well, mostly, but the situation seemed a little too convenient for Piers to make his misguided points. Of course I'm only speculating. Maybe I'm being a little paranoid, but I wouldn't put anything passed CNN.

I think I would have to

I think I would have to temporarily suspend my adhersion to the N.A.P if I ever saw Piers. And why does nobody question him about why he came to America?

I think the pizza guy did

I think the pizza guy did well. He seemed like a nice guy and rational. It just made Piers look like the whiney blood sucking media vampire that he is to take such a mean tone with a regular nice guy business owner.

I couldn't get throught the whole thing...

At around 5 minutes, I just couldn't listen to Pier's voice anymore. What a baffoon. Too bad he can't go back to England...he's wanted for questioning in the wire-tapping scandal there.
I understand his opposing viewpoint...he's a brainwashed Limey (I have British friends who view the world as Piers does). And, if they don't want to own a firearm, that's OK. But, like so many pushy christians, they have to force their views and opinions on others. That's what I have a BIG problem with...and to make matters worse, Piers has a huge public forum from which to spread his opionions. Kick out the Redcoat!!!!

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

Problem is...

England doesn't want his smarmy-ass either:


If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Comrade Morgan

That dude should add to his sign 400% Surcharge if You are Commie Jackhole Piers Morgan.

"Do right and risk the consequences”
― Sam Houston


a 600% surcharge if they watch Piers Morgan.

He should have flip the question

Question to Piers: What if I did not allow guns in the shop and a crazy guy with a gun shoots the place up and kills people and Piers since I have disarmed those people in my shop I would be responisble for their deaths. Piers's argument that disarmed people are safer than armed people is illogical.

Whats next for Piers

the single shot 20 Ga. for helpless women?

Piers Morgan has nothing new

Piers Morgan has nothing new to offer in the gun debate, a topic which he is violently passionate about. His verbal assaults bullying Americans who support and uphold the 2nd amendment is actually boring and lame. There is nothing intellectual about his interviewing techniques. He prefers to debate with himself, I think.


The way Piers is so diligently exercising to surrender the 2nd amendments is all scripted by ? his just a puppet.

No intruders will attempt to attack when you are ARMED. The "Predator" only attacks the prey when is strong or devious enough to over power the victims.

I am sure that Piers Morgan has armed bodyguards.

Dear Piers

May you please choke on a pepperoni pizza with no one present that knows the Heimlick Manuever.


Mr. Morgan

I must say, I admire your courage in the face of such an affliction which you must bear. While we are both aware the Fecalencephalitis to which you are suffering from is an incurable illness, it has been found to respond to a few treatments. The most effective on record is for the patient to thoroughly submerge his head in a toilet and flush three times in rapid succession while violently shaking his head. This will assist in removing the vile discharges which as you have demonstrated are prone to emit from the patients cranial orifices particularly the oral orifice. Another treatment , and one most are unable to perform, is to take one of those minty wafers you find in the urinals of sport locker rooms and deposit it in your mouth until gone. While the logistics of fitting such a large wafer in the mouth are overwhelming to most you have clearly demonstrated that you have the ability to complete this treatment. I hope you have luck with at least one of these prescriptions and good luck to you in your endeavor.
Yours in Truth, Justice and the American way

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Ok, peirs has debated this

Ok, peirs has debated this issue so much since the Sandy Hook incident, and I think it is safe to say he is a complete ignorant naive pea brain at this point. Not only that, he is still very rudely condescending while argueiing from complete ignorance. Even if he was stuck first hand in a situation that was difused immediately by a law abiding gun owner, he would probably still stick to his dumbass backwards logic. This guy needs to go, and I hope people stop giving him ratings.

Beep beep boop beep... I am a Paulbot... prepare for liberty and prosperity!

the moment morgan is interred

if it be on this continent, i'll be making a yearly pilgrimage on two wheels with a bottle of whiskey to recycle and deliver to his remains.

bravo, kid. your integrity gleamed brightly, through even morgan's filth.

Thanks be to this man for his efforts, but.......

... unfortunately he did not come off as very well educated, or grounded in the principles of liberty, gun rights, etc. While there was much stupidity to be observed on the part of Peirce, (as per usual) the shop owner did not "win" this round; and sadly did not come across as a "scholar" as the OP may suggest.

But I applaud what he is doing at the restaurant.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison


it's hilarious though that morgan has to try and brow beat some random dude trying to earn a living. the condescension was thicker than a three cheese deep dish. i think that much HAD to be evident to 90% of the people that saw it.

i think he's just an average guy trying to articulate his thoughts in an intelligent manner on national news against someone who clearly has an agenda. that's REALLY difficult.

who wins these bs 'interviews' anyhow? it's always the same format:

"sum up your entire philosophy in 45 seconds while i constantly interrupt you, idiotscumbagbastard."

the only thing he did wrong was thank him at the end. should have gave him the bird. i think it's two fingers in england, isn't it?

Piers Is So Bad At His Job

that he has to pick out people that have never been on TV in order to come out on top. He can't hold his own with experienced debaters. What a bully. AJ pretty much did the little douchebag in!


I love Morgans "logic"

Apparently the best way to prevent a crazy person or a felon from entering your store is to not allow firearms. I guess a criminal who wants to rob the store will look to see if there are any signs on the building allowing guns. If there aren't any, or if there is a "no-guns allowed" sign, the criminal will say to himself, "Damn, no guns allowed...I guess I'll have to try somewhere else"!


have done this for the potential profits, but Piers you continue your holier-than-thou attitude towards guns for ratings. Same chit!

Jury Nullification is a power of the last resort against tyranny.

"How do you know these people aren't criminals or crazy?"

Thank for asking Piers.

I'd need to ask you back, how do I know YOU'RE not a criminal or crazy? Should I take your word for it? Are the people behind me any LESS trustworthy than you are? They are arguably MORE trustworthy than you. Weren't you kicked out of Great Britain for some legal issues?

Thanks for the interview. BYE BYE

Oh Lord!

You read my mind! THAT is EXACTLY what I was thinking watching that little dip Piers!


I rarely curse

But Piers Morgan is a fucking dickhead. He completely took advantage of the owner's naivety of dealing with the media. Most america (note no capital A) will think this poor guy is an idiot.

Money is tight now but once I clear rent and utilities I may send some cash to the owner of the store. Not very much, because cash is super tight, but maybe I can send a couple of FRN's.

It's clearly not an effort to drum up business. If anything, it would discourage those who are not regular customers from the "scary guns". And how exactly would an accident take place? Death by trans-fats?

I would wager most of those guns didn't even have ammo.

I would encourage my favorite pizza joint to do the same, except getting a CC is almost impossible here.

In any case the piers morgan garbage won't lose him any business, nor gain any. Looking at the pizza I would not eat it, but I like my NY style pizza and his dough is way too thick.

I love my non commercial family owned pizza place. It looks like this guy runs a similar business. Best of luck to him. I like my guys because I can stagger over there at midnight, knock on the window and get a philly cheese steak and hang out way after they are closed. Why drive when you can walk too. I might drive there ever 1/50 times, and they start making fun of me, but if it's on the way home and it's 32 degrees outside, yeah, I will drive.

We should support these local small businesses. Screw the big guys. I never buy pizza from any chain at all. I'll pay my 28 FRN's for a good pizza that helps the owner put his kids into soccer. And then the owner supports me for other school stuff (like buying cookie dough), free beer &c.

Support local small business and the economy will thrive and the owners of these businesses.

Edited Video

I live in Virginia Beach. The local paper interviewed the pizza owner, Jay Laze, and he said he wouldn't do any more TV interviews. He said "much of the interview was trimmed for broadcast." It did make Piers look like a bully. http://hamptonroads.com/2013/02/beach-shop-owner-defends-gun...

typical psycho babble

wishing for his business to fail because he doesn't agree with him... what a loser.


Hahahaha WIN

That young man is a hero. Best part was how he just laughs at Pierce at the end.

Do they deliver to Canada?

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I think Im going to buy some pizza..

and send it to the local police station.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


The only criminal that guy has to worry about is Piers Morgan. The only reason he is in this country is to avoid criminal hacking charged in his home country.

I can't stand piers morgan.

I can't stand piers morgan. Why are such fools the ones who always seem to be the most arrogant? It makes them dangerous, especially in large numbers. His 'logic' is so superficial. It's very sad when he also says that he hopes this good person's policy to allow guns in his restaurant fails. How vindictive can he be just because he isn't able to comprehend the 2nd amendment...sad :(