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Video: Ron Paul Supporter & Pizzeria Owner on CNN's Piers Morgan Last Night

Surprised this hasn't already been posted. The store owner stumbled a bit, but came across as a scholar when compared to Piers, of course.


Original Mediaite article.

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This guy is a genius. He has

This guy is a genius. He has essentially created a free security operation for his business. Nobody is going to try to rob that place.

i would buy some pizza

But he let piers walk all over him and control language and perspective.

However, the laid back debate style is well suited for piers hyperbole and antics if he could just be more clear and concise

I felt bad for the pizza

I felt bad for the pizza dude. PM is a flaming bag of s#!t.

Naive or pro-tyranny

Like most naive people, Piers wrongly believes that new gun laws and more government regulations will reduce or end violence. Either that, or he's pro-tyranny.

hes a bitter englishman

Probably the latter

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After reading the comments I

After reading the comments I was afraid to listen to this. Actually the guy didn't do 'so" bad...I wish he told Piers that a drug addict or crazy person could walk into his store anytime and shoot a gun, but today if it were to happen he'd be safer than if it were to happen with no one else having a gun. I wish he said that...

said that?..maybe he did.

who knows what wound up on the control room floor in this edited piece!

It was posted last night


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Sorry I missed it Steve

I had already gone to bed.

He's the man.


is a garbage truck rider!

Label Jars, Not People!

Most people are too innocent to see the traps

Piers sets traps. He sets them with every sentence, and the unwary person will inevitably step into them. Even a practiced debater will find himself bested by a well-designed gotcha question.

That Was About as Painful....

...to watch as anything I have ever seen, on a couple levels.

First, the obligatory reviling of Piers Morgan, the collectivist-douche-bag who vomits out typical superfluous collectivist-rhetoric.

Now, on to that poor pathetic spokesman for 'Liberty'.

Kudos and a hats-off to him for his business idea and his sincere support for Amendment II. It was also nice to see all the Ron Paul shirts/stickers.

However, for the average American numbnuts who saw them and who heard this kid who they will believe represents the average Ron Paul supporter, he sucked and will only make some believe Ron Paul people are idiots.

He presented a horrible representation of an Amendment II supporter because he can't talk for crap and he seemed wildly ignorant, so by proxy, the liberty movement takes a big negative hit.

Too bad, because he had the opportunity to hit a home-run, rather than shitting to bed, which is exactly what he did.

As I see it.

It was painful. I couldn't

It was painful. I couldn't listen to all of it. Morgan was being a complete ass with the hole and the pizza guy is clearly inexperienced. However would CNN put on anything else now? It's not like they are going to open themselves up again to anyone who is going to get in Morgan's face or who knows how TV 'news' and 'talk' works.

However the pizza guy let Morgan put on a display what a total ass he is. 'how many people have been shot in your restaurant?'

The interview comes across as the guy from CNN beating up on a simple pizza shop guy in what would normally been a 'free shotgun with the purchase of a new car' fluff piece. I think most people will see that before they see the 2nd amendment issue.

damn. kind of negative. at

damn. kind of negative. at least he's doing something. not easy to debate someone like piers who just says bullshit unless your willing to shout over him.

f___ all forms of govt.

It Never Ceases...

...to amaze me that some are seemingly disturbed by seeing things called as they are.

It is what it is.

I share your thoughts exactly

No opinions were swayed on either side of the fence, only reinforced and that's not good.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

I commend this guy for taking

I commend this guy for taking on Piers but you have to know what your up against when doing these kinds of interviews. Piers is a professional scumbag and mudslinger and will tear you apart any chance he gets. It is probably nerve racking to be on camera like that and I dont mean to be an armchair activist but you have to have all your rationale and facts put perfectly together and quite frankly be a really good smart @ss to go toe to toe with these people.

I cant believe Piers accused him of just doing this to make money. The guy should have responded, "Well Piers you are only parading around your gun control rhetoric because it is the only thing that can hope to boost your miserable ratings so I guess that makes two of us then..."

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

Can we all agree that Piers

Can we all agree that Piers Morgan is an @ss-hat?

What a stupid premise Pees Moron flatulates from his mouth

He asks how does the pizza parlor owner know if the people walking in aren't crazy or criminals?

I mean HOLY SHARTS! I would have said immediately to that "That is the dumbest question in the history of television!"

How would anyone know that the people walking in with concealed ILLEGAL guns are criminal or insane? How would anyone know that anyone was criminal or insane? If they have a gun open carried they are far less likely to want to harm you because they are displaying their weapon. If they wanted to commit a crime they aren't going to advertise it first.

Anyone could walk through that door and be insane or criminal! What does having a gun have to do with that at all? He's not giving a discount to criminals or wackos!

How absolutely insanely moronic!

I want to rant on forever and probably could but this guy Pees Moron isn't worth the time.

* I didn't listen to the whole video before posting this but that idiot interviewer then asks "Are you okay with rocket launchers and tanks." Another completely insanely dumb comment. Who the F has a rocket launcher or tank? Nobody you complete douchewad! I think I lose a little sanity every time I hear his name or see his face no more idiocy from that subhuman pile of feces for me!

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i agree about piers

being a jerk-off. however, there are private tank owners. the shooting mechanism is required to be dismantled, but yeah, owning a tank is perfectly legal.

piers morgan is wrong again. like always.


Ugh. I want to smack

Ugh. I want to smack Piers.

Those who hated what Alex Jones did to Piers will love this one I guess.

Piers looked like a bully and ahole and the RP supporter was sweet and nice.

Awesome Video...

... I would of loved to ask Piers this, "if you were a planning to do a mass shooting at a pizza place and you knew that every person at this dudes shop had guns and everyone at dominoes DID NOT have guns, which place would you rather have your shooting at?

Poor guy has to be watching this video over and over thinking of all the things he wish he had said. He did a great job but Piers still really beat him up in the eyes of his veiwers.

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



I would probably fail in that

I would probably fail in that type of interview as well..

Where you're staring at a camera and have someone talking in one ear.

Then you've got customers milling around you..