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Why do you think Obama picked Hagel?

I'm curious to hear what you all think.

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Because he needed someone

Because he needed someone that will be loyal to him first and not Israel.

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Gun Grabber. There was no

Gun Grabber. There was no other reason. Obama is a Zionist so it was not because he had a change of heart about Israel. He is just following orders.

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A move away from Israel

The "Unbreakable Alliance" is getting a little stifling and counterproductive for the US.

It is creating too much instability in the region. The balance of power is too lopsided. It is in the best interest of the U.S. to inch away from that slowly, and carefully. Mind you, this is a US policy, not a Democratic policy, or a Republican policy - but something in the interest of the nation as a whole.

Obama provides the cover. Hagel's past statements about Israel make the intention very clear.

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Further, I don't think the US is dumb, strategically speaking. We need to start winding down expenses. The sequester is a first clumsy attempt. But long term, we need to spend less on "defense." Hagel will be the first to start the unwind. It won't be easy or quick, but it is going to happen, in spite of all the bluster from the Neocons.

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Audit, audit, audit, cut spending & Hagel has nerve to do it

Snipits from article:
The Defense Department is presently not able to be audited in its entirety. the DoD has been required by law to provide annual financial statements since 1990. It has yet to comply—at first, it planned to be auditable by 1996, then by 2007; now it aims for 2017. This history of failure has been particularly galling for Congressional Republicans, who fear that the Pentagon’s money maze conceals corruption, waste and bloat. With pressure mounting on the DoD to slim down, auditability will make it more likely that cuts will be made prudently and less likely that well-run programs will be slashed while profligates prosper.

Hagel can begin the process with a public promise that he’ll hand a complete audit of the Department of Defense, or his own resignation, to the chairman of the Armed Services Committee before the next president takes the oath of office in January 2017. He can push for more of the Pentagon to be auditable before that. He can then use his public presence to promote his efforts, to call out those who resist him and to shame fraudsters he finds. Appointing a hard-charging comptroller, and making it clear that she bears his aegis, will be key. He should also warn subordinates that if they cannot deliver auditability on his timeline, he’ll find people who can


"Pentagon’s money maze conceals corruption, waste and bloat"

They forgot theft.

Is there really any good evidence...

...that Hagel is "bad for Israel?" or is it just the msm echo chamber. Don't forget, by msm
standards, Obama is "bad for Israel" too, despite countless Israel-groveling actions.

Has anyone here actually researched Hagel's past actions? I haven't.

I disagree with Obama on SO MANY things of course.

But at least he is LESS of a lapdog for Israel than Washington is comfortable with.

OF COURSE Washington is run by the Jewish Lobby. Anyone who knows anything is aware of that. But its unmentionable, Its one of those truths that one dare's not speak. Hagel has had the guts to admit it when nothing was on the line.

the reason obummer

picked Hagel was to deliver a swift kick in the nuts to Nut-n-yahoo for endorsing Rmoney. Payback...plain and simple.