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The Tyranny of Convenience

Our lives are ridiculously convenient in this day and age, and much of the consumer economy seems to be directed at making life ‘easier’ still. It seems that the more convenient life becomes, the more need there is for more convenience. Anything is possible in this technological age and if it can’t be afforded, then convenient credit can make it happen. There is no reason to wait for anything.

Just like an addict, the modern convenience seeker is rarely aware of the damage that the need to feed the need is causing.

The pursuit of convenience is big business and over the last 60-75 years we have experienced a profound cultural shift towards disposable consumerism. We’ve been sold the idea that life must be easy, and that the mundane things in life are to be rushed or delegated so that more time is available for enjoying ourselves. For several generations now our culture has been programmed to place an overly high value on convenience, and the flip side of this is that we have grown to loathe inconvenience to such a degree that we now perceive even slight delays in the delivery of convenience as inconveniences.

Who has time for anything to go wrong in our world today?

Our addiction to this complex lifestyle, requiring ever-compounded convenience, is one of the subtlest and most addictive tyrannies of the modern age.


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Depends on what you mean by "convenience"

The whole creation of time and personal schedules due to this modern time has eliminated a lot of the convenience of the older cultures. I prefer the life style the Indians had built and see it's convenience much more.

The men hunt and fish all day. Lay with their women all night with no need or use for time or a certain schedule. The women work by picking berries and caring for the children. Medicine man cared for the peoples health for FREE! And if you wish to use drugs, you can do so under the supervision of the Shaman. Damn, we ruined it all.