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America's Biggest Election Fraud

That would be the title to the documentry we need to create and produce....
Its time we come together and all contribute lets have money bombs to promote it and create it. It will start
Ron Paul life and political career
Mainstream media lies and deception
The Republican Party
The Republican debate, rallies, and convention
The Presidental debate s and Liberterian debates
Vote fraud evidence and state republican conventions and viiolation of its own rules

Goal is to raise money with money bombs to pay for its promotion and creation....

So we can Alert and inform American people what actually happened and what we can do to change it and never let it happen again we need more bold ideas along with more bold actions if we come together and do this and get it into the movies and every home in america think of the awakening that will happen and we will also inform yhem of the news sources they should watch and listen to.....

This is my idea along with many others
But can someone please take my idea and help make it possible and take a run with it the best you can becuase i could really use the help email me so we can talk about it

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