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Mary Landrieu thinks raising taxes is like getting a second job


The problem of course is that this moron (who unfortunately is one of my Senators) doesn't seem to comprehend that tax money is STOLEN not earned, and that the hard working people of Louisiana and the rest of the nation are going to have to take out a second or third job to pay these higher taxes.

Even if the proposed taxes don't hit directly on working wage and salary earners, the end result is that working folks will have to pay the tax eventually - it will just get passed down in the form of higher prices on every thing they buy, thus making it that much harder to put food on the table, keep a roof over their head, and stay warm in the winter.

Hey Katrina Mary,

How was the landing from off that turnip truck? Did you knock your head or something?

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bahahah...!!!! turnip truck....

Thanks for posting.