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Silver/Gold Prices

Hi DPers, I just wanted to suggest that since we are in very shaky times now (post election 2013-2016) It would be really cool if we have a real time silver/gold price chart on the main page of Dailypaul. Just a suggestion since this is basically my homepage to go to when I get online at work LOL. Anyways thanks and thanks for everyone who posts articles and videos... you guys have made such an impact in my life ie the way I think and meaning of a free individual. You are all my dr pauls. :D

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I like kitco.com especially because their news feed

is quite honest with good analysis.

The main problem with them though is that the refresh doesn't always work.

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

It went under 28 today..

But since I like to get it cheap, I am waiting to see 27.25..

Lets see if it gets there.

Silver manipulation is our friend folks, it's wrong but it is our friend. We are awake.

Once the whole house of cards comes crumbling down, we may end up being the ones calling the shots because we will be the ones with something left in our pockets..



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Would be handy. I always have

Would be handy. I always have apmex in a minimized window to peek at every minute or so.

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me too! I like theyre updates throughout the day

if you use the chrome/chromium web browser..

check out the bullionsupermarket.com's add-on.

instant precious metal prices.
get it here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search-extensions/bullion...

very handy.

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Like this ?

Like this ?

Gold Coin Prices

Gold Coin Prices

Junk Silver Coins


GoldShark's Gold / Silver Prices Widgets :


For your DP's custom(ized) front page feature, go to :



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bump great idea


great idea

I like this idea

I bet the mods can find a widget that also doubles as an ad for a dealer that wants to advertise here.


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