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Review of "Going to Tehran": Former Insiders Criticize Iran Policy as U.S. Hegemony

This definitely sounds like an interesting book. I'll be looking to pick up a copy, possibly next pay day :)


“Going to Tehran” arguably represents the most important work on the subject of U.S.-Iran relations to be published thus far.

Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett tackle not only U.S. policy toward Iran but the broader context of Middle East policy with a systematic analytical perspective informed by personal experience, as well as very extensive documentation.

More importantly, however, their exposé required a degree of courage that may be unparalleled in the writing of former U.S. national security officials about issues on which they worked. They have chosen not just to criticise U.S. policy toward Iran but to analyse that policy as a problem of U.S. hegemony.

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From Amazon: (I used the DP link)
Going To Tehran

"An eye-opening argument for a new approach to Iran, from two of America's most informed and influential Middle East experts

Less than a decade after Washington endorsed a fraudulent case for invading Iraq, similarly misinformed and politically motivated claims are pushing America toward war with Iran. Today the stakes are even higher: such a war could break the back of America's strained superpower status. Challenging the daily clamor of U.S. saber rattling, Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett argue that America should renounce thirty years of failed strategy and engage with Iran—just as Nixon revolutionized U.S. foreign policy by going to Beijing and realigning relations with China."

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(Flynt) Leverett is an interesting guy. I'll be reading the book

I haven't read the new book yet, but I read his earlier one (on Syria and the Assad family).

And I know Flynt Leverett personally. He's definitely not a libertarian (he supported Obama in 2008), nor is he a non-interventionist (more of a defensive Realist), but he's a thoughtful potential ally on foreign policy issues. He's been very critical of the Obama administration's handling of Iran. His wife has actually negotiated with Iranian officials at the U.N.

So, this promises to be a great book from someone who's not a doctrinaire non-interventionist, but that will likely support our arguments in the upcoming years.

Unlike the neocons, whose arguments are slanted and deny reality, Leverett is cool in that he can respectfully tell you how different people view the world. Sure, he's got his opinions (which map onto our pretty nicely when it comes to the Middle East), but he's not a deceitful jerk like a neocon, an anti-Israeli activist, or a pro-Israeli apologist. Bottom line: he's a straight shooter.

I'm going to be picking up a copy, too.

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Thanks Mike!

Let us know what you think after you're finished. Looks good.

He's the man.

Will do

I also think that we should thank SanePaulFan for the great information above. :)

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You're most welcome!

Thanks for posting the original thread! I think we, far too often, are guilty of keeping the circle small. When we look beyond the circle of true believers and suspend our commitment to "purity" for a moment, we can be surprised at how many fellow travelers we can identify on key issues.

There are some really smart, really "mainstream" people who agree with us on foreign policy. They may not want to go as far as we do, and may use subtler language, but if we were to implement the policies we agree on, the world would be a much different (and much better!) place.