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Photos of HAARP generated plasma rings


"U.S. Naval Research Laboratory research physicists and engineers from the Plasma Physics Division, working at the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) transmitter facility, Gakona, Alaska, successfully produced a sustained high density plasma cloud in Earth's upper atmosphere.

"Previous artificial plasma density clouds have lifetimes of only ten minutes or less," said Paul Bernhardt, Ph.D., NRL Space Use and Plasma Section. "This higher density plasma 'ball' was sustained over one hour by the HAARP transmissions and was extinguished only after termination of the HAARP radio beam."

I know, all HAARP does is research and using it for weather manipulation is just a crazy conspiracy theory, but it seems the US Navy is now a group of crazy conspiracy theorists.

dutchsinse takes the story further:


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and yet people are still going to try to debunk the fact that droughts and super storms are being created for a purpose!!

what might that purpose be ?

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These happen when the sun

These happen when the sun goes down and the air gets cold. The air gets more dense, sinks, and brings tons of humidity with it. It's not HAARP, it's modern sensitive radar. Then when they disappear from the radar, it's just the operators filtering out the "noise." Oh, and there is a natural daily cycle of the ionosphere and its reflectivity changes.

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Occupy HAARP?

Too soon?

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There is a website titled

There is a website titled www.haarpstatus.com
it shows the frequency haarp is shooting at any given point and where.
its very odd how when it shows higher freqencys going that stuff like cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes show up.

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Go here:


and read Chapter 15: Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

Could there be a more arrogant title to that chapter?

[The site is called Air Force 2025; a US Military site]

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Reminds me of the Brain

Reminds me of the Brain Scorcher from the STALKER computer game. Wonder what kind of protection people at that facility have to wear or if they are losing brain cells every time that thing is turned on.

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Tin foil hats?


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This could be absolutely harmless

but I doubt it. It kind of reminds me of the testing of the first atomic bomb. No one had any idea of whether the reaction would cease after detonation, only the hypothesis of the physicist yet they threw the dice and detonated.

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related link just added

to OP if you are interested.

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One thing is for sure

It's much easier to exploit an areas resources if the ice cap is gone or depleted.

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