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Pharma cuts Greece off pharmaceuticals.

If it was not for all the people on SSRIs about to be forced into sudden and often psychotic withdrawal, I would say Greece was lucky. Anyone still clinging to the delusion that Pharma cares about health needs to read this twice.


"(NaturalNews) In a classic example of an anti-free-market collapse, fifty pharmaceutical companies are now halting supplies of drug medicines to the nation of Greece, causing severe shortages of over 200 popular pharmaceutical medicines there. Pfizer, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi and many other have all reportedly joined in the partial embargo out of a fear that the low-priced drugs sold to Greece would be intercepted and sold off to buyers in other countries where drug prices are kept artificially high due to Big Pharma's monopolistic practices.

So instead of lowering the prices of drugs in nearby countries in order to stem the outflow of medicines from Greece, mega drug giants like GSK -- a company that has already pleaded guilty to multiple felony crimes in the USA -- are reportedly limiting or in some cases halting shipments to Greece, causing a nationwide collapse of chemical medicine."

If you are on any prescription medications, I urge you to investigate herbal and natural alternatives NOW, before they decide Obamacare does not generate enough profit.

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Price fixing all 'round

The Greek government sets the price too low. Surrounding governments set it too high. Government is incapable of minding its own business (whatever that is).

Maroons all of them.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

More smug paraxodial pro-capitalism/anti-capitalism from Adams

I criticize this charlatan every time his articles pop up on the DP, and I have determined that he has no recognizable, consistent political ideology. He often demonizes capitalism and praises capitalism and government intervention in subsequent sentences. His medical claims are a giant hypocritical paradox. He has an uncanny ability to take a legitimate medical issue and spin so that it is pseudoscience gibberish. Mike Adams is pretty much just contrarian to Big Pharma and mainstream medicine, even when his criticisms are blatantly contradictory.

"The true nature of Big Pharma is really on display here for the whole world to see. What we're learning is that any nation foolish enough to hand over its health system to the for-profit system of chemical medicine should be prepared to be targeted by that very system, held hostage for corporate profits at any cost to society."

I don't know why people support his propaganda and insane rants. Does this ending paragraph sound like he supports the free market?

It is because...

Corporations are hives and ...persons imo. In the natural world this would be impossible.

Corps need to protect their shareholders.

The queen bees must be protected at all costs.


Get out the Ouzo...

better than any chemical drug.


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Sounds dangerous

Unstable people in an unstable environment suddenly being cut off their meds. Not a good scene. Don't want to be around a big city if (when) it happens here.

He's the man.

And they just sent in Blackwater too

I'm not a religious man, but I pray for those people.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I don't blame the

I don't blame the pharmaceutical companies for stopping the supply line to Greece. They're simply reacting to market forces. Nobody would (except apparently GSK and a couple others) can sustainably donate their product to a defunct country indefinitely. The other companies will follow suit as the 3rd payers continue to default on payments and wholesalers continue to export the meds to undercut the prices in other European states. Now there are Greek pols calling for export bans and price floors on meds to disincentive wholesalers from exporting. Of course Greece won't consider for a moment that the REASON meds are so much cheaper in Greece is because they've been exporting Greek inflation for years (in all product lines but especially those industries with direct gov't contracts) via the very nature of having a common inflationary currency and separate national central banks. It's a tragedy of the commons that has produced this imbalance and the current crisis has just exposed it's consequences.

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Your argument is inconsistant

Your argument is inconsistant with itself, and parts of it make zero sense. Sentence three in particular makes no sense what-so-ever; and the best I can figure it doesn't fit with sentence one or the statements of the OP's post. In sentence four, I'm not sure what 3rd payers are. Also, you state that wholesalers would sell the drugs to other european countries to undercut said countries med prices; this taken with what you state, "the REASON meds are so much cheaper in Greece is because they've been exporting Greek inflation for years," well, they certainly aren't exporting their inflation anymore and therefore the prices of the meds would neccessarily go higher to a more average rate with other european countries. This would therefore, eliminate the possibility of Greeks selling the meds to undercut the prices of other european countries; would it not?

Also, you state that the Pharmaceutical companies are just reacting to market forces, and yet none of them claim that their desicion is based on the inability of the Greek people to pay for the meds, nor do they state as reason for discontinueing shipping as, that there is no longer a demand for their products in Greece; wouldn't these be more inline with market forces then what they are actually claiming as reason?

Where's the much vaunted

U.N. when there is something productive they might accomplish?

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.