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Sequester: Rand's alternative sequester strategy


" I've also presented a plan that would allow us to do this without any layoffs. We have a 100,000 people who retire every year, don't replace them. We pay federal employees 16% more than private employees, equalize the pay. Cut out half of foreign aid. Cut out 20% of travel. Boom, you got your sequester and nobody got laid off. "

Not a Rand fan, but this is a way better strategy than ceding more power to the president.

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I agree, it's a better plan

You can see the more expanded version on Rand’s website.
www.paul.senate.gov (look for 2/22 Sen. Paul Introduces Sequester Alternative Plan: The Sequester Without Layoffs)

Main action items:
Stop Hiring New Federal Employees: $6.5 billion saved annually
Bring Federal Employee Pay in Line With Private Jobs: $32 billion saved annually
Reduce Federal Employee Travel by 25 Percent: $2.25 billion saved annually
Focus Military Research on Military Needs: $6 billion saved annually
Require Competitive Bidding for Government Contracts: $19 billion saved annually
Cut 50 Percent of Foreign Aid: $20 billion saved annually

Some might argue the ‘no layoff’ plan is not good (ie we need the layoffs), but the average worker isn’t going to see it that way while on the other hand cutting programs where we are overextended or that we don’t need makes sense. Preserving one to get the other is a tradeoff.

I am a fan if Rand

And will add this to just another reason list.