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I realize that there are many forum topics already here for helping the rest of us Liberty minded folks on project ideas, however, I am at a loss on what to actually do. Every time I read these, I have another project that I want to start.

Here are my four major problems:
1. Time
2. Money
3. Space
4. Life

I know that these problems are some that we all face, I just do not know where to start. I want to do aquaponics, raised garden, etc etc... and yet the issues above are stopping me from actually deciding (due to my lack of knowledge in this area).

Now to what I have available to work with in regards to land.
LINK REMOVED (until I can find a way to show it without address)

As you can see, my plot of land is pitifully small and the shed in my backyard takes up a huge chunk of what would have been available. I am NOT willing to demolish it since the storage offered is needed, however I am removing all 4 trees from the property to alleviate space problems. In regards to what is left, I have a light defiency due to the privacy fences and how close the houses are situated to eachother. I was going to build a number of raised gardens in the back but do not know how that will affect me growing a staple of vegetables to help with cost of food or during a SHTF event.

Drainage is an issue also that has compacted what soil I do have and it is not ready for planting, it is something that I am actively trying to correct before planting.

So, without you guys shopping for me or coming over to do the work... what would you suggest that I do. I am at a loss: no room for a greenhouse, not enough light (albeit an uneducated hypothesis), soil bad for growing, etc. What would be my best bet?\

Also side question: If I were to redo the supports on my privacy fence to 4x4's, would they be strong enough to support a 2' wide raised garden attached to them near the top of the fence? If so, would that help enough with the issue of light? If not, what is a possible workaround to add enough structural support to keep both the fence and the gardens?


P.S. Thank you guys for putting up all this information on this site, it has been a huge help. Not your fault I havent been able to grasp it effectively enough.

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First, take your address off

First, take your address off of the net. Not trying to be rude, but who know what the wrong people could do with that info these days.

My responses will be out of order from your message.
Second. Can you grow veggies in your front yard? No a 4x4 won't be able to support the weight of the dirt in a raised bed. Instead of the expense of raised beds, try buckets. A lot of grocery store bakeries will give you their rmpty frosting buckets for free. That will save you money on wood for the raised beds and dirt to fill the beds with as you only need to fill the buckets. Plse with the buckets being about a foot tall, it raises them up so that you fence height won't be as much of an issue.

Don't worry about poor soil, you would be surprised at how the desire of plants to thrive can overcome poor drainage, etc. Instead of chopping down the trees, can you trim them way back or chop em down and plant dwarf fruit trees.

Get some chickens too! 3 or 4 can be raised very inexpensively and your table scraps can supplement their feed cost considerably. Plus their manure is great fertilizer once it has had time to "cool" off a little.

I use a very inexpensive drip watering system here. I saw you were in Virginia, so maybe this doesn't apply since you get a lot more rain than I do. We average about 7 inches a YEAR. Anywho. The drip watering saves a significant amount of time that I used to need to water things properly.

If you have any moe questions, pm me and I will just give you my telephone number and we can discuss things in a more time efficient way than pm's and emails.

Most of all, have fun!