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Beyonce Superbowl Ritual Satanic? You be the judge.

You might not believe in a God, but I'm pretty convinced that these people do.

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It is a dangerous thing

We ignore their use of ritual and exploitation of the occult, and we do nothing to wage spiritual warfare for ourselves.
I honestly believe one of the greatest achievements of those who serve evil was to get us to surrender our dream-time state.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Yep. Self-delusion is the best form of slavery.

Convince people they are free when they are not.

Do people think the devil will appear with horns and a cape and holding a red trident? LOL.. He will appear as the kindest, suavest, friendliest, nicest of them all.

He will appear as a savior, but the false savior.

This is why "2/3 of the elect, even the saints, will be deceived" by him.

When at judgement day, that 2/3 cry "but we didn't know", they will still be held accountable for their wrong choice. They DID know, but deluded themSELVES into believing something else, under the persuasion of the false savior.