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Sequestration? More Like Celebration! Auto Budget Cuts Are A Reason to Party

The political world is aflame with debate about the upcoming sequestration cuts and how they will bring about the end of days. But from a liberty point of view, I for one cheer the sequestration cuts. If they go through (they won’t), I shall be throwing an official “Sequestration Celebration.”

We already covered how the poor widdle military is wringing its hands over its impending inability to be the world’s police force, sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong every day and making us terrorism-friendly enemies at every stop along the way. However, the budget cuts to the defense fund wouldn’t even bring us below the spending levels for the Cold War. We’re still $600 billion strong – roughly 6 times that of our nearest competitor, China (roughly $110B). The cuts would force a necessary thinning of our bloated military budget. It would cost jobs, but the DOD should not be looked upon as a means of creating jobs and perpetual war as a salve to soothe America’s rash of unemployment problems.

The defense cuts are but one aspect of the sequestration cuts – the others are in the social sphere, where healthcare and education are on the block (handy but anti-cut biased guide here). The Statists will argue that we must keep these budgetary items in place to assure that our elderly have all the motorized scooters and viagra that they can obtain, and that the government must keep its iron grip on our epically failed educational system. Yes, that same system which has failed time and time again ever since the Federal government took over.

Relying on the government to shepherd us socially is one of the driving forces that has brought the U.S. to the cusp of bankruptcy and caused this current fabricated crisis. This Statist mentality that the status quo must continue needs to end. As a culture, Americans are becoming reliant on the government to care for them whenever they encounter hardships, but that is not the function of government.
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The fear they have is that after the cuts, no one will notice

This sequester could be a good thing.

Enemy No 1, the MSM as usual

The mainstream outlets are flooding the airways with the "look at these poor people who will lose JOBS!" saga.

Our proposed CiC Dr. Ron Paul proposed $1T in cuts

Our proposed CiC Dr. Ron Paul proposed $1T in cuts in the first year and we were overjoyed with that bit of responsibility, however hard it would be in the short term to overcome the heinous fiscal problems of this country. So we'd better at least toast a pitifully tiny reduction in the massive spending increases slated for this year!

Of course, I cannot understand how there are ANY expenditures if there hasn't been a budget in years.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

God I

hope the cuts go through. They won't though, they'll figure a way to nudge the can down the road.


it won't do anything at all since it's barely a cut, but if it did somehow go through it would at least prove the world doesn't end when government grows slightly less. So that's some reason to celebrate.

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