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The Glenn Beck/Jack Hunter FAIL! *VIDEO*

The comments in the most popular thread today, where the 12:00 minute video was embedded, is an overwhelming sentiment that we are REPULSED by these opportunists still capitalizing on our angst...like SO MANY others in media...

I can tell people what they want to hear for a LOT less $$$ ... but, I also choose to tell the people the TRUTH at my own expense, not tickling their ears!(because...I have NO handlers!)


Have a view: then, make your own and post it here ... the ONLY chance we have to respond to these liars and thieves and usurpers is by responding on the ONLY platform we have; YouTube, from right where we are ...

(I called in WVCY radio just about 15 minutes ago, and I essentially said it's a wee bit ingenuous for Christian talk radio to NOW get on board with what we have been saying since the fall of 2007 since Ron Paul announced he was going to be a candidate for POTUS in 2008 - I will capture the MP3 Audio and make a YouTube tomorrow - I said my piece, all but telling the host Vic Eliason[who is a private pilot] that he needs to respect and view the video evidence that clearly demonstrates there is NO 757 at the Pentagon site on 9/11 - he needs to, if he hasn't already, RESPECT Pilots for 9/11 Truth; given that today he sounds very sincere and very concerned about our impending financial collapse)

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no video

There should be a site which contains all the videos that youtube takes down called MEMORYHOLETUBE.com. I would visit it.

I downvoted this because

there was no video. No idea what you are talking about. You should delete the post altogether.

Whats wrong with hunter? Dude

Whats wrong with hunter? Dude is awesome and has promoted a lot of pro-liberty issues. In fact I think he pretty much agrees with ron on everything.

looks like vid was pulled

anyone have a repub url?


I pulled it...I don't want to be either conceited, seem self-promoting, or bask in "old news"...

I'll make more when "moved" to do so...


I was looking forward to watching a video with a post title involving "Glenn Beck" (Feck Buck) "Jack Hunter" and the word FAIL.

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Patriots Under Fire, I enjoy

Patriots Under Fire, I enjoy your videos. I think you make good points.
You don't like Beck -- fine. However, doesn't it make sense to find a way (either with or without Beck) to teach his neo-con followers the idea of liberty? Beck can do this.

I'm not saying give Beck a chance. But I don't see anything wrong with him reminding his audience about freedom and libertarianism. Once they get a taste, they will want the meat. There are all sorts of Bible verses about this.

Make a cup of tea and don't be so mad. I do appreciate you sharing your perspective.

there's a much greater sense of urgency now...

...party over principle is what Beck, and Karl Rove's master "we love Rand Paul" ruse will lead to again...

It's time for CLEAR separation....WE started the Tea Party, and these frauds.turned it into their own contemporary.Christian Coalition crap(that is Biblically illiterate and unsound in doctrine); and we need to take it to a Sarah Palin and say "are you with us, or them?"

I'm sick of the game, and I'm sick of the 90% hook of "good" ideology....this is an all or nothing proposition before us....either Statesmen or politicians...there is NO MORE MONEY....

Dupage County

John, I grew up in Wheaton and work in Elmhurst. I share your concerns and views. You are not alone.

"Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms."
Ron Paul

woo hoo...

Elmhurst, born and raised....

Check politicalgraveyard.com, that's where I saw our Republican County *AHEM*, where the average price of a house is still $275,000, voted Obama in 2008

Mucho excellente....

nice rant. :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

I enjoyed your rant

And may it have lightened your load a bit!

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

The "FAIL" Fail

Great job attacking an attempt to bring people together by angrily ranting, bringing up 9/11 Truth, and calling folks "usurpers."

That'll accomplish a lot!

Look, I don't trust Glenn Beck. I don't agree with Jack Hunter on many issues. But I'm not so far gone that I feel compelled to attack people who are (for whatever reason) agreeing with us on the key issues. There is space within the movement for a critique on the finer points, but such critiques are not going to be effectively launched by folks like you who make it about 9/11 truth and make fallacious arguments.

The overwhelming sentiment? 99.99% of people don't even know about this clip. Most of those who watched probably feel ambivalent about it and didn't leave a comment. Only the angry, motivated few make their voices heard.

You need to check yourself. You need to recognize that your loud, angry voice does not reflect any sort of consensus. You're free to be part of the dialogue, but when you go off the reservation you do more harm than good.

If you're going to critique the effort to find stasis points and areas of agreement in order to maximize freedom, make your case logically and without attacking the individuals. Then we'll see if your critique sticks.

And if it's all about 9/11 truth, you're barking up the wrong tree.

the point is....

...if well-to-do, financially independent guys like these talking heads would work a real job and labor with their hands, they might come up with better and more consistent/congruent examples that would not only appeal to us who are DOING THE NECESSARY WORK to replace.politicians with Statesmen nationwide; but they might also be led to the right conclusions, and be compelled to do the MORALLY CORRECT thing when a Dr. Ron Paul gains national prominence by being trustworthy and CONSISTENT(not mixed) in his Christian theology, moral absolutes, understanding of the Constitutional boundaries that LIMITS government, and SELFLESS when it comes to truth-telling.

We won the national debate!

We can proudly skin the rear windshields of our cars with the words "-Ron Paul was right!"....Glen Beck CANNOT do that, he made himself our opposition; he is a conservative showma now...and those willing to ride his coattails, rather than stand and strive with us, are going to hear about it from me....the little guy...who actually wants this Republic restored to it's former greatness..

I'm not the opportunist inviting criticism for marketing purposes....I'm the guy who is actually in it to win it for our posterity's sake.. I ran for state representative because I was outraged, and I was the BEST representative of liberty against the two opponents I was up against in 2008...I would have done the RIGHT thing, spoke truth from the legislative floor, and scared the PTB that there is a revolution actually happening in this country...

Get fired up yourself, quit looking to have your ears tickled!

You say you don't trust Beck yet you have no problem

with him being a spokesman for libertarianism?
This is a guy who still doesn't 'get it' yet already wants to form coalitions! You can't form strong coations when you're not firmly founded in your beliefs.
Beck wants to control the message. Not that I can do anything about that, but I don't like having someone I don't trust trying to control a message that needs expounding. He'll be very particular about who he chooses to make the pin-up boyz for libertarianism and I highly doubt Ron Paul will be one of them. Beck also thinks Thomas Jefferson was useless!!! I can't wait to see if he ever gives the anti-Federalists - the true defenders of Liberty - any mention.
minus 1 from me to you

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Another drive-by..

just like TMOT. Maybe I should try that out.

Great rant, it pretty much sums it up :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

is that you in the video? why

is that you in the video? why so fired up?

"I will not submit to authority of man. I'm alive, I'm awake, this is more than I can take." -Jordan Page

if it gets my goat,

...and I'm pressed for time...gotta spit it out ASAP...

We have to "dethrone" these talking heads who THINK they speak for, speak to our legitimate concerns down here where the rubber meets the road....

So, who does speak to our legitimate concerns?


I think I'm just a bit more "in touch"...

...than them who speak from "on high", and have advertisers and airtime providers to answer to... you won't catch me fake crying for ratings!