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This Absolutely Must Be Watched.

Scientific Research explaining why they are spraying the sky's around the world.


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I posted a topic relavent to this yesterday

Clam down a bit guys. I don't think they should be spraying either, but this planet is more resilient than you think. I think soon mother nature will push back for the harm being done, but it wont be anything like what they are describing in the above video.

Listen to this interview, it should teach you everything you would need to know, then watch the above video again.

Direct Link:

It's an interview with Dr. Michael Coffman, a 25yr ecosystem analyst, who was on the Global Warming/Acid Rain team in the late 80's. He started his own lobby groups now to do his best to disprove global warming propaganda through facts.

It's on a Christian radio show, if the non-Christians can make it through a little Christianity talkin for 30mins, he talks about negative feedback pretty close to the beginning.

If you go far enough they start talking about the UN trying to destroy American property rights.

Forum topic posted yesterday:

Dr. Coffman vs U.N. Biodiversity Treaty:

Dr. Coffman played a key role in stopping the ratification of the Convention on Biological Diversity (Biodiversity Treaty) in the U.S. Senate an hour before the Senate was scheduled to vote on its ratification. His maps and information have been used by local citizens across America to stop the global agenda at the local level. This includes two UN Biosphere Reserves.

Thanks for the post.

At a time when I was attempting to spread awareness of the dying honeybee - needed for pollination of plants providing us fruits, vegetables, and nuts, some people came back with the fact that bees weren't the only pollinators. True, and bats are among the others. Now in recent years, millions of bats in the Northeast have died off from an incurable fungus. Here in the Hudson Valley, 90% of one species are gone; for two others, it's 98%. There are unexplainable anomalies all over. Likely, there are myriad factors: toxic chemical pesticides and herbicides now regularly used in farming and lawncare, genetic engineering and its various consequences (http://www.raw-wisdom.com/50harmful.), whatever it is they're spraying, and who knows what else. Our soil, water, and air are all contaminated.

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Here is another easy to understand video about methane

locked up on the ocean bottom and the Paleocene rapid climate change event when the methane was suddenly released into the atmosphere.

I believe the video is trying to warn us that the sudden release of methane trapped under the ocean TODAY could produce a rapid climate change, a runaway green house event, with catastrophic results for all life. We may be on the brink of this disaster.

The Day The Oceans Boiled

These guys are talking about positive feedback cycles

I'm sorry guys, i have studied this as well since the 80's. This guy is wrong.

Our planet is has negative feedback loop, it cant do what they say it will.

While i agree this isn't good, our planet is not going to implode.

Has he noticed the fact that the southern sea (or Antarctic) has increased almost 3x as big since the arctic started shrinking?

Positive Feedback is what happened to mars, the fact they bring it up shows he has no idea what hes talking about, i don't care how long hes been studying it.

Truthfully, full industrialization of the world, ALL of it, accounts to around a 0.4% of the heat change.

He starts out by saying "I don't like Al Gore, but then spews his nonsense."

If the sea evaps, carbon is released into the air, creating clouds, which reflect sunlight and bring down the temperatures. This guy needs to go take basic science class from 4th grade.

Never mind

how long he has been studying it, are you still in 4th grade?? Normal cycles would be welcome.

Al Gore blames global warming on everything we people do here on earth. This guy is blaming it on geoengineering. We have all seen the chem trails if we look up in the sky. And what about the thousands of nuclear tests-in the atmosphere, underground and on the ground, cutting and not replanting trees, especially in the rain forests of South America which has had a devastating effect on the ecosystem(btw trees use carbon dioxide and release oxygen which we breath); the space related rockets with their associated emissions.

I have noticed-white sunlight which used to be yellow, trees dying, moss growing in my lawn, on trees, and on my siding, no bees, no bats, no crickets, no grasshoppers, and I could go on.

I certainly don't know if there's that much methane but I think this guy sounded very knowledgable and believable.

Global warming caused by the masses vs

Global warming caused by the government are not the only two options. You have to stop and look at the data to see if their is really global warming at all and if their is was their global warming before humans and what caused it. saying you see white sunlight and fewer bugs is not proof of anything. they are merely observations of a .0000000000000001% of the entire world. the same mistake happened back when people made the conclusion the world was flat because they could only see the horizon across the ocean. You need to do more then observe from your backyard to make a conclusion about the world. The truth is the world has been cooling for the last decade. the planet goes through cycles where we get lots of rain and then periods of droughts. Warm weather and cool weather. To make the conclusion the government is causing a drought after a summer with little rain and you see things in the sky that you dont understand doesn't mean the government is trying to destroy the planet. Remember the politicians also live on this same planet and could also die if it is ruined.

A+ for critical thinking

Anyone else notice that the person in the video's conclusion was a hypothesis... That is not science. That is someone stating his opinion as proven fact. We are better than the liberals here people. Think critically

Sounded more like panic or maybe even fearmongering to me.

But perhaps I was a bit to harsh on him. I take back the tone by which my previous message was spoke.


ITS WHAT TREES USE, since 1997, the sun has been in a cooling cycle, Africa has increased crop outputs by around 7% since 1997, crop growth is INCREASING because of the carbon build up.

Sent via Twitter

to all mainline news. Bet it is never seen on TV.

How do the bad people

and their loved ones avoid the poison?

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When they get sick, they get the best treatment- more natural, more effective and quicker. They feed us the food with pesticides, toxins, and give us and our children shots with mercury and other heavy metals....just for starters....

The conspiracy people haven't thought that far ahead.

They see things online that caters to their miss trust in the government and follow the Shepard. They question nothing and don't stop to think for themselves. they are the anti-crowd-crowd.

The only difference between Global warming religion and the chem-trail religion... One believes that the population causes global warming and the other believes gov't causes global warming. Neither stop to see if the globe is really warming.

I asked a simple question below and got downvoted

I really would like to know what people think that believe in this, is the end game.. purpose and final outcome?

I mean if they pollute the earth.. is there evidence that they have some sort of immunity to the poisons? Why poison a place that you're living on too and will die from as well.

Do you think they're satanist and just want to watch the world die?

Did the X-file get it right? Is this an alien collaboration and the rich people are sacrificing us for their safety for the coming colonization?

What gives.. What is the masterplan behind this?

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Look up

U&N a#g*e!n^d@a twenty one and reducing the global pop to 500mil. In fact read all of that document and don't get suckered into "how nice that would be". Read and digest-paved road to serfdom.

Simple answer

Crush competition.

Ignoring the answer offered is a choice.





If the subjects of crime made legal are allowed to gain too much power then the subjects will no longer be subjects.

The most powerful among us know this, and the power they steal is used to steal more, and so the power to grow your own food, without a license, can be genetically engineered out of existence, or not, but how much does it cost to give it a try?

How could, if it was a goal, how could a few people demand from everyone else absolute obedience to the few?

Create a Legal Money Monopoly, and then buy whatever is needed to take everything else.


Found a book

1989: Population Doomsday

I just started reading it; it's a ficticious tale about America in "the year of the mask" where to live in a major city means you have become accustomed to airlocks and 'gog-masks' because the air has become SO polluted that you cannot breath freely, and food cannot grow using it. A new president has just been inaugurated and his first act is to declare martial law and has seized control of all natural fuels, denying consumers and businesses the ability to ship products, drive, etc. unless they are considered a 'vital function.' It is all based on a non-fictional analysis by Dr. Paul Ehrlich in 'The Population Bomb' in which he describes how man-kind will snuff itself out.

I look foward to finishing this tale equally as to how terrified I am. There are so many parallels to be drawn, and when I realized this book was written in 1970 I recognized that the mess we are in now has been a long time coming.

If a trial were conducted

12 Jurors

Listen to the answer folks - this IS one of the species killers.

Would there be a conviction?

You are the juror.


This guy is straight up nut

This guy is straight up nut job. Global warming and cooling is going to continue on as it has for eons. My greatest concern is the politics of control through global warming rhetoric.
We will adapt or die. We are not immune to history either politically or climatically. It has been both warmer than this and cooler than this on about a 10-20 thousand year cycle. My guess is it will happen again. I will not be easily convinced otherwise on 150 years of data since the industrial revolution that we are significantly effecting this cycle any more than minute changes in the sun might be.

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Yet Al Gore admits to

Yet Al Gore admits to geo-engineering as factual on TV?

I wouldn't call

contrails Geo-engineering, maybe Geo-stupidity. They are simply the condensation of water vapor left by any combustion engine, same as the white stuff that comes out of your cars tail pipe. The problem is the ridiculous amount of air traffic in certain heavily populated areas of the country. It is true that they essentially are clouds and act like clouds, holding heat in at high altitudes and keeping heat out at low altitudes. We can solve this problem and the TSA at the same time, STOP FLYING. I don't think anything is being sprayed, spray is totally unnecessary to create contrails you just need a jet flying at a normal altitude.

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It's pretty obvious those are

It's pretty obvious those are chemtrails, not contrails

You are a sheep. Move along

You are a sheep. Move along sheep. baaaa baaaaaa baaaa

Did you see the NASA photo?

If those are regular flight patterns, I'm Buggs Bunny.

Yeah, there are some weird photos in that video.


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I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

I'm like 1.5 minutes in

Remember when you were a

Remember when you were a child, laid down on the grass and stared into the blue sky?

I saw all kinds of funny animals, and weird looking people in the clouds, but I never saw any kind of grid, or pattern of condensation trails resembling something I would most definitely remember.

If I ever saw some kind of giant, X marks the spot, "cloud," as a child...I would have remembered such a thing, but it never happened back then.

Now I wake up in the morning, go outside and see grid lines pasted in the sky that are composed of God knows what.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

geo-enginerring has been

geo-enginerring has been going on for 60 years. But it seems they are doing more now than ever


Guys. Look up condensation trails before you jump on the bandwagon...