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Just Watched Police And Fire Dept 'Wake Up' Two Of My Neighbors

My door buzzer rang and I got up to see who it was, when I heard someone else in the building buzz in some police and fire and rescue people.

They started rapping on my neighbors door and saying "fire and rescue, please open up." Not shouting, but saying it as they knocked, not pounded, on the door. After about a minute the fire and rescue guy turned around and braced himself, then kicked in the door.

Immediately my neighbor appeared saying 'what's going on! I was in the bathroom!'. (The bathrooms in these apartments are in the back and they have loud fans so it is entirely plausible that she wouldn't have heard them knocking, not pounding, on the door.)

I watched this through my peephole and listened to them tell her that they had gotten a call but apparently they had the wrong address. They spent about 10 minutes trying to fix her door then they left.

I will talk to them to find out more what happened but don't feel comfortable quite yet as I can hear her crying right now. But the good news I guess is that The Powers That Were (thanks go213) have now instilled a healthy sense of respect and fear in my previously unawake, quiet, mostly normal, slightly weird in a charming way neighbor and her 16-year old daughter. All the pamphlets and DVDs in the world couldn't have been more effective...

(update) OK, got the whole story now... seems that the daughter walked to the store and slipped on the ice and broke her elbow. Her friend who was with her called 911 and gave her address but got disconnected before he could explain that they weren't there at the time.

Why didn't they call 911 back after they were disconnected? Who knows - maybe they were panicking, maybe they didn't think they needed to, maybe the phone quit working. Why didn't 911 call them back? Maybe they did but couldn't get through.

Part of me thinks I'm making a mountain out of a moment in time over this situation, but another part of me thinks that this is just another sign of the craziness of our times when 'authority figures' will rap gently on someone's door and then kick it in all over a report of someone falling on ice and breaking their elbow.

Since they were just getting back from the emergency room I decided not to delve into my 'over-reaching police state' speech; that opportunity will come soon enough. Hopefully the kids in her high school will do that for me and I can simply agree with them and say 'That's right!'

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You are not making too much

You are not making too much of this little accident; it is usually something very small that moves people to accept a new paradigm, something they can see as a symbol.

Cliche alert!: the straw that broke the camel's back.

Now, if you say something to them about an overreaching government, they will still likely say you're making a big deal out of nothing, and may label you a kook (since it was an accident, and besides that only trying to help), but if you let it simmer in their minds, it might be surprising how much the incident might stick with them.

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At first blush this could be an innocent action

but after taking into account how the courts have repeatedly sided with cops who have busted down the "wrong" door only to find some one engaged in an unlawful act, it troubles me that it might be a systematic effort to thwart our constitutional right against unreasonable search and seizure.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Good point. And as I think about it more and more...

it seems like they were 'going by the book' rather than using basic critical thinking skills to figure out that it wasn't a life-or-death emergency but more likely either a miscommunication or at least something they could have given another 30 seconds to figure out.

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not seeing how this is a story

Someone called 911 cuz of a medical emergency, was disconnected, and you are not really sure what happened. But the door was kicked in so the police/fire may have done something wrong/right. Hmmm.

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Hm. Sounds like an over

Hm. Sounds like an over reaction on both parties. In a situation where someone has a medical condition I can see the need to bust down a door. If it was an honest mistake i wouldn't think too far into it. Not everyone is power hungry, most firemen I know are volunteer and trying to do good.

Agreed except I would include a third party.

If I'm reading you right, there was an over-reaction from the girl who broke her elbow - not an emergency.

And from the emergency personnel - they had been informed why they were there and it wasn't for a life-threatening situation.

Third, from me - maybe over-reacting and maybe not. I watched this happen and thought it seemed weird not just through my 'conspiracy theorist' eyes but through my regular common sense, what the hell is going on here eyes.

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That's why I put it out there - not quite sure why I'm uneasy

about it. I didn't expect to be front-paged either, especially since I hadn't yet gotten the story from my neighbor.

I think what bothers me is that these four first responders were so willing to kick down a door after rapping lightly on the door and stating in their nicest indoor voices that they were fire and rescue, here to help.

I think the title will become more true tomorrow after the young lady spends the day at school explaining the blue sling on her arm and everything else that happened; 'waking up' is a process and perhaps in future years this event will turn out to have been the catalyst of her and her mom's understanding of the system they live under. Or some small part of it at least.

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Breaking into the wrong ...

Breaking into the wrong house could be a very dangerous thing. I know that if it were my house it would be.


wrong address.

i worked in ems and had to break into houses a couple of times.. once it took a while because we didn't want to break the door or window so we found a way through the garage door.. ended up being an empty house. we were called out for a welfare check. ive had many where we find the person deceased or empty houses but alarms going off. i have had calls where people who call dont know what address they are at or even what street. now these situations are different from the raids i have heard happening.

I totally respect that if the situation is truly warranting such

action, but in this case I must scratch my head - please see update which was added after you posted your comment.

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Some won't wake up any other way - not saying that's the case

for your neighbor but as an example, I have a friend who absolutely refuses to discuss any discrepancy with 9/11 or Sandy Hook. Wouldn't matter what the evidence is, she won't believe it.

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I'm wanting to go over and talk to her right now...

but they're gone - probably across the street to her friend's place to tell her what happened and calm down a little. That's good. Gives me a chance to think of how to get her to talk about it without seeming that I'm being nosy, and also to not embarrass her...

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Many will wake up

the hard way unfortunately.

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