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Why Do Americans Keep Congressmen On The Job Who WiIl Make Us Poor?

If you have any employer who kept a person on the job who will steals merchandise, skims the cash register and treats the customers badly. The employee will chase of his business and he will go broke shutting his doors. An employer would not keep a person on the job who will make him poor and put him out of business. Nor would they consider hiring a person like that in the first place.

When it comes to election day. People vote differently for a person they would not hire to run the store or trust to watch the business while the boss is away. Still these people will send these people back to congress to run our lives. Why do so many people keep sending these crooks back to Washington DC. How can we trust them with the fate of a nation when we would not trust them to scrub toilets in the back room if they were not politicians.

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Americans Have No Say in the Matter :

Voting is a fantasy. No more real than a participatory Dinner Theatre mystery show. Predetermined outcome from a list of known actors. You just get to "play".

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info