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Reasons not to trust Glenn Beck

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My old post talks about this stuff

If anybody is interested.


If he looks like a turncoat and walks like a turncoat...

Anybody can change though.. but don't be surprised for a flip-flop

I think we can learn a lot

I think we can learn a lot about how they operate by what they did to our TEA party. We started it on that day in Boston in 2007:

They saw it gathering intense momentum and swept in. People like Beck took control and claimed it as their own. They brought in the neocon ilk to redirect it and used it as a steam valve--a way to dissipate the intense anger of the conservatives who were rightly angry into a movement that would go nowhere--a movement that would turn to Romney and fizzle out.

In my opinion Beck has to prove himself with at least 10 years of consistent libertarian efforts before I would trust him.

Glenn Beck = Controlled Opposition

Always has been and always will be.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Don't be fooled.

Beck is no Libertarian or patriot. He is a Judas goat there to usurp and misdirect.

He will betray you, Liberty movement, just like he did over and over with Ron Paul during the latter's campaigns.

douchebag supreme.....

douchebag supreme.....

I hate doche bags too!

especially the supreme douche bags!

No need to trust anyone

I've never trusted anyone really and I probably never will. It doesn't mean we can't use someone like Glenn Beck to our advantage. Because to our great disadvantage most people in this country listen to the media, and most media doesn't even acknowledge that we exist. This post currently serves to harm that ability.

Down vote if you must, all I ask is that you read what I wrote.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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I agree that Beck it not

I agree that Beck it not trustworthy, but that doesn't matter if he is giving positive air time to Liberty leaders. The more people that hear the speeches of Liberty, defensive military, and sound money principles the better this World will be. I say let Beck have a Liberty leader on every day.

Well put

We don't need to fully "trust" someone to see value in them. People need to rethink their scorched earth tactics toward those they don't 100% agree with and trust. We will never win elections unless we're willing to work with other people. It doesn't mean we don't keep our eyes open, though!

I have a solution to Beck

I have a solution to Beck haters. Don't listen to him, don't watch him, don't pay attention to him. Would that work?

For some reason I find that the people that hate him the most, talk about him the most.

Yeah, go ahead, do the obvious, vote this down...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Ignore your attacker?

We must listen to him, he's using deception to attack our movement.

Your right to liberty is being stripped by this snake each time he backstabs the movement. For each person he dupes into trusting him, our chance at liberty grows smaller. You defend your right to life with deadly force. You damn well better defend your right to Liberty by confronting those who would steal it with justifiable force. In this case, we have to combat his lies with truth and expose those critcle moments where we needed him most, and he betrayed us. Because that is what he is.

A snake.

his stuff, like Alex Jones' stuff...

...is being posted and embedded on...."our" forum...and so, I say we respond directly to it, even seek to COMPETE against it in these very telling times as the screws are being put to us...

You mean you respond and

You mean you respond and preach to the choir here?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...


...I think we get plenty of "visitors" who'd like to see if we put our money where our mouth is, or if we're just keyboard warriors hiding behind a screenname...

I'll take my chances that I've impacted some in a positive way!

Flip Flop


The r3VOLution has spoken.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Glenn Beck is no more a libertarian

than Sean Hannity is a Tea Party person. Both talking heads see the republican party falling apart and are jumping ship to the next growing trend. They pretend to have championed these new causes all along. Glenn Beck will pretend to be a libertarian until his network goes bankrupt or 2015 when the next election season kicks off (whichever comes first)




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plural. Lots of plurals.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

My bad

I fixed it. lol