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Nice work! Planting seeds is

Nice work! Planting seeds is every bit as important as changing minds. Don't get discouraged when people don't agree with you at first.

We all need to make our

We all need to make our voices heard.

I am so embarrassed how clueless I was in college about politics. I remember taking a history class (back in 2006) and the professor asked if the government should provide free healthcare to its citizens. I made the argument (aloud) that the gov't had the responsibility to care for its people...typical liberal propaganda.

I hadn't realized that I was politically brainwashed until 2007 - when I found about Ron Paul. He completely changed my intellect.

That's why I think we need to keep preaching the liberty gospel. People will rewire their brains one day.

It's hard to do


I find that people look at me like I'm crazy, but I continue on. I have gotten a couple of young and old to research what I tell them. I do a lot of blogging and I find that no one has yet to say I'm wrong on things. I do a very persuasive argument on things such as blow back, foreign policy, economics, war, etc. Even when I directly challenge there views, my logic and argument they still can't beat.

Also here is a tip also, never ask a question that you don't know the answer to in politics or law. Anyways what are you studying? I'm in the medical field myself, even though I should probably finish off my graphic design degree only have about 10 units left. Of course Florida also stinks and didn't accept all my credits, grr. Anyways take it easy.

I'm about to finish in May

I'm about to finish in May with a PhD in Chemistry (physical).

Doc would be proud!

Doc would be proud!

Fight the good fight!

But it's hard to win against tenure. Ha! That's it. Ask the professor how an endowment works.