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"...I Expected The American People To Rise Up. They Didn't."

"Certainly we would never stand for that. We did."


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If only that lawyer were real, if only the courts dispensed justice....

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I remember seeing this episode when

it aired, and thought it was an excellent job by Spader. Most on the right, caught in the left vs right facade, failed to pay attention to what was being said by Spader, because he played a progressive on the show. They would always champion what Denny Crane, Bill Shatner, argued on the show, as he was the staunch conservative. Both Spader and Shatner are progressives in real life, but the right gives Shatner a pass for his role in the show. My question is, where the heck are these people now, that Obama has taken the Trotskyite Bush's laid groundwork and is moving into the Stalinist stage? People don't be caught up in all the Hitler/Nazi propaganda references, as most we have been taught are complete fabricated lies. Read Pat Buchanan's book 'The Unnecessary War', to get a gist of the facade, without even getting into the main conspiracy created from them, ie the creation of Israel and our government created M. East dictators later be formented into the Hitler facade as reasons to eliminate them. If you really want to understand what is transpiring, study the Bolshevik Revolution, which very suspiciously we are never taught about. Just ponder on the fact, we were in a Cold War for 40+ yrs with the great enemy, the Soviets, but were never taught about how their Totatlitarian government was created? Conspiracy theory aside, doesn't this seem very odd???

That gave me a few chills.

Especially the words from Chuck Baldwin. We rarely hear from him on this site anymore. I hope he steps back into the national light for all to see.

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Only The Awakened Ones

know or care. The rest are sleeping wage slaves and don't know or want to know and so there is no outrage. Anger by the masses will only come when it bites them in the butt personally in a way that they CAN'T ignore. By then it will likely be too late to make any difference. It probably already is. What a shame.


The true awakening

comes when you realize this is what government does. The things that this speaker is outraged about, that's just government expressing its nature. There is no such thing as a noble or good government. There are only fifty shades of evil. That which is begat through violence and coercion can only engender more violence and coercion.

Anyway, good clip. I enjoyed it.

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Great Speech

What television program is this from?

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It was called Boston Legal

James Spader won an Emmy for the role. The show was guaranteed to offend you and make you think with each episode. My kind of T.V.

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Correction -- it was only

Correction -- it was only "guaranteed to offend" conservatives and only "made you think" like a liberal zombie.

And it has only expanded under Obama!

I recall this was one of my top ten videos during Paul's 2008 run. Still powerful and sadly... still relevant even more so.

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Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

How would you know if they

How would you know if they did? ...It would never be reported.

Spot on! Bread and circuses,

Spot on! Bread and circuses, sports and American Idol... Not enough Americans are feeling enough pain for them to rise up yet. I continue to marvel at how much we have already tolerated with such little protest and wonder if we will every stand up as one and say enough... The enemies of freedom never rest it seems...

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It's The Truth

When will Americas wake up?

As soon as this is tweeted to everyone


Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

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Nothing has changed only, gotten worse!

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And Clinton

He did his share of damage, oh and then there was the OTHER Bush, then there was,,,,, well there haven't been many presidents that weren't corrupt have there?



...seems Bush did the hard work....Obama just gets to watch it be enforced under his reign as Federal Reserve appointed benevolent dictator...

The speech was aired on

The speech was aired on network tv?

this is not a speech per se

This was a television show. He is an actor playing a part in the show. So, you can thank the writers for the speech. It was an excellent show that brought to light a lot of things. Consider it part of the remnant. It was short lived probably because people really don't care. As far as I can tell most people are oblivious to what is going on in this country or that we are even at war.

This aired during the Bush administration.

You don't see things like this today because, now we have dear Leader Obama and everything is fine according to Hollywood's liberals.

So given that understanding, the clip is all sound and fury signifying nothing.

totally agree

He would have NEVER made that speech if BO had been the prez at that time.
But, it's good to give it airplay now because waaaay too many people don't know that BO is just expanding on all the things that Bush did.

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Damn! ..and that doesn't include our current despotic ruler

Good clip. I had never seen it. Of course I never watch TV so I don't see a lot of things. Amazing they play stuff like that on TV and nobody notices. But never fear, times they are a changin!


Big bump

Thanks for posting.

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More powerful

More powerful, if it were appended with the obama corporation.

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