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The Granger is in Sacramento

I started this thread to communicate from Sacramento, CA where I'm at the CA GOP Convention that starts at 9AM.

It took me about 4 1/2 hours to get to Sacramento and an hour in traffic to get to my hotel.

I passed banners welcoming delegates to the CA GOP Convention, a Scientology Building, a Mason Hall, a school and park protesting closure, and the mayor was about to deliver a message to the residents, some 4000 people .. pretty interesting beginning, eh?

Sacramento smells like pizza. I have a number of invitations to events, but I'm going to wait until I register and set my calander and I will post it tomorrow. Ao right now, my plan is to not think about pizza, and go to the convention hall at 9AM register for events and post them when my schedule is set.

OK. Here I am in Sacramento. Wow.

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don't miss this

what i was trying to convey in some of our exchanges:
push change anyway you can -ron paul

Thank You ((((MN))))

Before I logged onto DP, I checked to see if the CAGOP new officers was posted, since I didn't wait for the answer, knowing Jim Buelte and Hemaat Dhillon were selected and it really wasn't a race, but a "coronation", which I thought I might be able to see more of in the golden circle.. where I met people, and came to see it as an operational hub, so it's a good place to be and where all GOP committee members should fundraise and get themselves into the circle. The movers beyond the circle, are in serious deep denile about what is going on, or the GOP is imploding from controlled demolition.

Yesterday while we're waiting to vote.. (and I should say, there were so many campaign signs for Burlte and Dhillon, it was insane amount of waste in the name of decorations, especially when it's supposed to be a democratic style convention, with other names that were "bullied by the overwhelming selecteds), and those who ran are in debt just for attending the convention).... I was asked about getting an email from a Gail, from the Women's Republican Federation, about Dhillon. I said, no I had not... and I received a copy, some of it that was interesting to me was:

Have you GOP senators and assembly have any idea what is really going on between voter majority grassroots from deep pocket ego-bloated, narcissistic, power hungry, oligarchical attitude perpetrated by the golden spoon heir Charlie Munger and ACLU, Taj Majal princess wannabe Harmeet Dhillon? Is the disconnnect between GOP career politicians, desperate for campaign funds, from the rest of us, not beholding to "bribes" to a bunch of bullies with Republican titles, in such disparity? You guys may have reason to betray the lofty moral and ethical values weaved into your partisan campaign rhetoric. But we lifelong, middle class, grassroots active selfless Republican voters and volunteers, outside of most RINO invaded central committees, are not beholden to the deep pocket Republican mafia invasion into Republican conservative organizations and central committees. Munger and easily manipulated conservatives are planting RINO style conservative candidates to disembowel more authentic conservative leaders at the April 2013 CRA convention. The lies, the treachery, the betrayals, the backstabbing, the disparaging of hardworking volunteers, as me, refusing to lie and refusing to lick boots are pervasive, but oblivious to you elected Republican leaders. You may need to worship a false Republican sugar daddy idol, but millions of us Republican voters and volunteers gain nothing by betraying our conscience of integrity, a long abandoned virtue by the CAGOP and by the SFGOP. The differences between untrustworthy Republican leaders and officers from the Democrats is non-existent these recent years. Backing a third world leftwing ideological token is not fooling more dominant cultural ethnic populations too streetwise to be taken for granted."

The only thing the group Gail is talking about heard was:

"Muslim racist" (I know it's not in there, but that's what they heard).

Reported here: http://blog.sfgate.com/nov05election/2013/03/02/ca-gop-mulls...


Let's see........ Ron Paul once raised $6 million.. if it's $3K to send supporters into the golden circles.. that's doable.

I want to see that pic of you

I want to see that pic of you and Rover!

Home again!

Man! I'm happy I went, and I'm glad to be home.

This morning after packing the car I headed over to the prayer breakfast. Coffee, OJ, fruit plate (pineapple, strawberry, blueberries and watermelon), assorted mini danish, home frie and En Croute Spinach and shiitaki Omelette.

The presentation was about Catholic and Evangelcals in the GOP, and it was really getting to me.. I was praying.. and I'm just goining to say what I said to the man who gave the presentation, because I was not really happy or inspired but offended..

I told him that many Catholics felt betrayed by the GOP because the GOP failed to give them a Christian to vote for.

These folks are like in complete denile.. it's as if they want to "appeal to the liberals who they hate, laugh at or ignor." This is the down side, and I'm not going to focus on it, because there are many positive things, which is the rEVOLution in the GOP. That is an awesome thing to see.. and there is room for more.. let's do this, let's get in there and teach these people.

We had candidates, and some won.. Ellissa Wadsligh, is now district vice chair and a contest she won by a big margin, I think there are others, I left before the annoucements because I was already late to move my car from the hotel parking.. and I'm sure to get the results and will include that when I get it, finalizing the report when I have all my paperwork concluded.

We are on the map, and we absolutely have an opportunity to rise in this party. HELP WANTED! May find a paying job within.. please get involved and grow the GOP for LIBERTY not more BS.

Play by plays were great, Granger..⚘⚘⚘⚘

Sounds like it was a successful trip and most importantly - you had fun.

I loved the meal menus. You must have really been inspecting them or grabbed a menu. You must've freaked Rove out. Excellent courage - thanks!!

❀ ⚘ ⚘ ⚘ ⚘ ⚘ ⚘ ⚘ ⚘ ❀

yes dducks let's hear it for FUN

another thing ron paul always recommended. have fun with it.

I think what was most important to me (((((dducky))))))

I learned a lot oabout the CA GOP and that will help me advance liberty within.. I came away with the idea to get cannabis part of the conversation. I believe one of the articles I posted above to MN mentions cannabis, and I was the one who brought that up.. so I will continue that.. and continue to break the wall down between the Liberty Movment within and the level above the golden circle.

I have plenty of paperwork to finsih up, but also have a soup kitchen, bible study and doctor's appointment before getting to that this afternoon.

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Welcome back Granger

Thanks for all of the updates.

Nothing like going to Sacramento

to make you glad to be back in Mendocino, no?

Thanks for all the hard work and updates!

I'm tired

It is hard work, and I hope to car-pool and get a room mate for the nect convention.. which I hope to see more grassroots show up.

Good Morning Sacramento!

Well my bags are packed and I'm ready to go, to the prayer breakfast and place my vote for Liberty candidates. Hope to to you toniht and give you my final report. Again, I THANK EVERYONE FOR THE SUPPORT! It really means a lot to me to represent LIBERTY with YOU in my heart.

Last Night in Sacramento

Well, tonight I had my picture taken with the exiting chair of the CAGOP. He was one of the first people I met at the convention when I went up to the Golden Circle hospitality to see what it was about, and decided to join ($26c), as it buys me a ticket to the next convention, and the opportunity to network beyond the tables on the floor. It's kinda like wall street where you have the guys on the floor, and then you have the guys renting offices in the upper floors.

When I met the exiting Chair, I told him, "Oh it's great to meet you. I was wondering if you were ok, because I haven't received an email from you in awhile", You could see the gears rolling in his head, as if, "WFT?" And he looked at his staff who seemed to all look kinda dumbfounded, and one of them tried to recall the chair's last email, and it looking kind of painful, so I just said something like, "It's a pleasure to meet you." and went back to whatever I was doing, which I think was talking to people about the golden circle and what the benefits are. The biggest benefit is "you're in".

I went upstairs and had another virgin mary, no salad, and made an effort to look at the view, which was very nice, of the capital building. I met a nice man who ran campaigns until he began working for a senator. We discussed how issues get passed through, and while he was educating me, like magic, these two young guys up all excited about being in the golden circle and having worked their way up from the floor. They were real excited, and explaining how hard they had worked on thier inniative, which I didn't get the chance to ask about because the man who I was talking with saw another man who he wanted to introduce the young men in assisting them to the next level.. and it was these levels he was telling me about, so that was very cool. I met a few other interesting people.. people who work for law firms that cover cities, and write insurance, and big doners, people who contribute tens of thousands, and offer, "in kind" services, like charter flights, and real estate.. I even met a professional dance instructor. From there I went to the dinner.

When I came into the dinning room, I was greeted by a few people and asked to sit, which I did. There was a big piece of chocolate mousse granach with buttercream, white chocolate twist, with white chocolate and raspberry syrup staring at me. I asked for lemon and loaded my water with it.

WE were joined by a brilliant and beautiful, orthodox Jewish couple who were from Israel, who turned out to be Ben Stein's parents in law. Ben Stein was the main speaker of the evening (for those who don't know who Ben Stein is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Shapiro ). I decided after Ben spoke that I would rather rest up than go suite hopping, after all, I am more of a morning person and prayer breakfast starts at 8AM, and I have to vote..and there's a couple of meetings I hope to get to..but don't know if I will be able.. I'm going to check out before breakfast and head home after the meeting, where I'll make my report.. and get to work on being a treasurer.

Dinner menu

Cream of chiplotle pepper soup
pear, candied walnut, spinach salad with balsalmic vinagerette
assorted rolls and butter
hazelnut encrusted chicken breast, seemed like a red wine reduction but I couldn't taste it.. grilled serloin tip with with cilantro pesto, mashed potatoes and broccoli rabi.
and of course that chocolate mouse torte.. apparently others thought it looked really good too because I noticed that everyone at my table had dessert first.


Don't leve me hanging.... what did Ben Stein talk about? I used to like him a lot, UNTIL he started Ron Paul bashing. Haven't listened to him, or read anything he wrote, ever since.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

What did Ben Stein talk about?

How stupid liberals are. It riast the liberal night, and hinestly, it's not my thing. Not that some things weren't funny.

Liberals work to produce nothing.

I thought that was funny. He talked about Israel, from the perspective of an orthodox Jew, and how Liberals hate Jews, and hate Israel. He's a boy genius, now in his 20's, married, I was sitting with his inlaws who are Israeli, the Father in law being a rocket scientist. Ane like me, they were fasting.. though they had some of their vegetarian, which looked like a bowl of soba and straws of carrot, celery, inion, peppers,,, really special people, but then, who isn't (((((Nonna))))))

Thanks, (((((Granger))))).

So, he was basically saying that conservatives should love Israel more than the Constitution and he, personally, hates liberals because they don't put Israel first, like "good" conservatives are supposed to do, eh?

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

best stein is an agent of the

best stein is an agent of the illuminait, don't let ferris bueller fool you, he was a member of richard nixon's cabinet. he's hardcore evil, if you can't see it.


It wasn't Ferris Bueller that caught my attention.

I'd seen him on interviews, etc., and found Stein to be amiable and very intelligent. I especially applauded his defense of saying "Merry Christmas" instead of the lame "Happy Holidays". THEN he started with the RP bashing and I had his number. He's just another tool I don't need around.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Justin Raimondo says HELLO DP from Sacramento

I just finished watched a speach presented by THE REPUBLICAN LIBERTY CAUCUS, who hosted www.antiwar.com editor, Justin Raimondo. Raimondo's speach was about this history of the conservatives, the libertarian aspect in elections and seeking a voice for an antiwar choice, and the hope Ron Paul renewed. I think it may have been a beneficial speach to the younf Republicans Ron Paul has pointedly made an outreach, so I give Raimondo credit for also reaching out this group with hope, promisuing a solid history and passion for peace on Earth, goodwill to ALL.

I would like to make a ptch here for REPUBLICAN LIBERTY CAUCUS. They held their election of officers, and there were a few VERY IMPASSIONED and inspired, I must say, fearless to the point of recklessness, considering where we were, CAGOP convention, that would have mande MANY Dpers VERY VERY PROUD. They took no hesitation in calling those who voted Romney "Traitors!", recounted inside crime, after inside crime, naming states where corruption was rampent, and charging to change the GOP, and not conceeding one iota to the Republican establishment, they blamed. (As proud as MANY of DP would be to hear this kind of speach at a GOP convention, half the room walked out, and this is a set back in a shameful way. This kind of talk is OK on DP, but it's not OK, and as Ron Paul AND Rand Paul teaches us, there are more than one way to skin a cat (but some really should be skinning this cat with Rand because you've got the power and passio, the personality, the drive to do better.. you can.. and REPUBLICAN LIBERTY CAUCUS, which was a bunch of DP supporters.. are having a great time and I'm really proud of them and... I'll join, because I appreciate anyone having the guts to say Ron Paul, as I do, with no shame).

Now, my big event.. after my treasurer's meeting, I went back to the top floor and had a virgin mary, met a few people, while I stood in line.. and when it was my turn, I walked over to Karl Rove, looked him right in the eye, and said, "The people are catching on Karl".

He asked me, "What do you mean?" And I said, "You're Victory PAC is not going to stop the Liberty Movement from getting Rand Paul the nomination. And he said, "I got $2.9 million for Rand Paul." I said, "WEll that's great news because I'm going to call you aqnd raise you on that." And he laughed and they took out picture. I ill publish it when I get home.

At Lunch, we were seated to a signed copy of Karl's latest book, "Courage and Consequence", and I think I'll use it for an raffle prize. Karl then bored us about Texas.. that's DeVore and Rove, both from Texas boring us about Texas.

Lunch menu

sliced strawberries, sugared peacans and spinach salad with white basalmic vinegarette
assorted rolls and butter
Pot Roast in port reduction an ju with mashed potato and carrot fan
I excused my self early to check out REPUBLICAN LIBERTY CAUCUS.. doing great work on a grassroots level, with Ron Paul supporters who are inteligent, passionate, fun, having fun and making a BIG difference in the GOP.

You know.... I came away from the treasurer's meetings with the idea that the government makes paying taxes hard on purpose to stop people from doing business.

Hey Grang.

What did Rove mean about the $2.9 million for Rand?

Was he short, white and doey?

You did GGGRRReeeatt, btw!

No, he's tall, white, and doughy

Fundraising for canddiates is a business, so when someone excells in that business, selling a candidate like Bush, Rove's fame actually resides in the amount of money he can raise for a candidate.. and Rove is still riding high on the Bush bus, because that's where the money is.. nothing has replaced that, and we have a ways to go being I'm the only one in the golden circle in CA. That needs to change.. and that would be true for other state's GOPs. Anyways, I'm sure Karl sees HIS connections contributions as under HIS umbrella.. and so it would be based on what GOP funds Rand got for his senate race.. Feinstein by comparison, who didn't even have to give one speach, had over $7 million... so $2.9 isn't much by comparison, and also lets you have an idea of what kind of money we need to raise.

My home state

Tell them to get a real candidate for gov next time, not like the last couple of clowns.

I'll tell them fonzdrew

Come to think about it, I did. While waiting in line to go to lunch, I was talking to two women, who I gave my card with the www.randwatch.com and mentioned that.. well one says, "I like some things Rand says, but I'm into winning elections."

I told her.. How would you know what winning an election is? It's about time we won and that's why I'm backing Rand, because it's bigger than winning an election."

Keep up the good work, Grang.

I sense a catapult to a position of great power in the GOP soon for you. Just don't forget about us lil' grassroots.


I just figured out the (()) means hugs. Don't forget the Rove photo. I wished I was there for the food. ; )


I wish I wasn't fasting.. at least I'm into my fast wnough to taste and not eat, and it's good for what it is, banguet food. I'm not knoking it, it's just not my kind of food anyways.. I'd eat it if I were not fasting.. but what I'd really like is pizza.

And this morning when I was walking to the convention, there was a partially eaten piece of pizza kinda hanging out of the box in the street. That would be hard.. man, if they brought in pizza pies.. OMG..

Got the photo with Rove and I'm glad I said something, because we had this small conversation.. I think I kind of took him by surprized by saying something other than, "Hi, Jane Doe pleased to meet you".

Good job

Keep up the good work

if you have extra time

this is a lot of fun, and this time of year inexpensive.
they call it dawdling on the delta

inexpensive because of the cold wind

man, you gonna go in the water without a wet suit or doing a polar plunge? But yeah, it's great.. and I'm very close to old town, which Mark Twain would LOVE.

shucks i thought

you were tougher than that :-)

yes, old town is interesting too..

I used to be

LOL good to know there's those who can appreciate a good dwaddle to replace me.


Sick 'em, Tiger!

We are tabling our first event in our new little town today. We went to set up last night, and in this tiny town the Fair Hall is FILLED with "Family Preparedness" presenters and vendors.I don't think the event would have been this big in Boise - we are really excited to meet our neighbors and turn them on to aquaponics!
So..... You and me, girlfriend. I'll teach how to grow, you teach them what to grow.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.