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Video: Amazing Proof of our Innate Power to Heal Ourselves!

The "Placebo Effect" is nothing short of AMAZING and shows how powerful our brains truly are!

Check it out...


In 2002, researchers at the Houston VA Medical Center and at Baylor College of Medicine found that a common type of knee surgery known as debridement to be no more beneficial than a placebo surgery.

"I was initially very surprised," Dr. Bruce Moseley, an orthopedics professor at Baylor who performed both the real and placebo surgeries in the study, told United Press International. "I could not imagine anybody suggesting that anything we do in surgery would be beneficial from a placebo effect. I associate placebo effect with pills."

Throughout a two year follow-up, the 180 patients in the study were unaware whether they had received the "real" or placebo surgery. Patients who received actual surgical treatments did not report less pain or exhibit better functioning of their knees compared to the placebo group. In fact, periodically during the follow-up, the placebo group reported a better outcome compared to the patients who underwent debridement.

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For surety

For surety there is a deeper involvement?

Bad experience with a religion of some sort, maybe when you were a child possibly? You were 'turned-off' somehow. Many 'religions' are not correct, I'll give ya that, but do you know exactly what you are talking about in full or just scuffling-about? I say not, even though there are certain things that you're saying that I can partially agree with.. how do you know that you're right?

I'm not one to be a 'religious-type' for the very reason(s) that you may be inquiring about. Regardless, a real reality does exist.

did you watch the video?


well thats childish

move on if you just want to pick on me.

Yes boss

Once again, you're misrepresenting.

Changin' pace..

"It's Tight Like That"

:27 secs. 'Gonna sing another song, take no offense, I mean you no wrong'

thanks for meaning no offense

but you have to admit, you were at least being passive aggressive. And you never once commented on the video or the study I posted.

This is what you represented

"God, Satan: Could it All Be in Your Head?"

Could it All Be in Your Head?
Could it All Be in Your Head?
Could it All Be in Your Head?

That is somewhat off-rocker but not entirely, but who knows the difference? You're speaking in general terms only and once again, may be somewhat right. But who knows the difference?

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i cant tell where you are coming from lol

A simple question, there is alot of good jazz but hidden mostly

Everyone needs music, a basic 'help'.

"Standing at the Station"

And, I have given you more than a lot of people might give ya, you're belief-thing is sort-of interesting.

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its late im going to have to check this out tomorrow

im beat. n btw yeah i downvoted you a couple times earlier but only because i thought u were being and asshole.sorry if i got u wrong earlier.