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The Rand Paul Effect

Like many here, I've questioned Rand Paul and his...shall we say "strategies," and for the most part I've leaned on giving him the benefit of doubt but always holding just a tad bit of skepticism.

However, the reason I've usually sided with him is because it is true that Ron Paul lost a lot of people from his bluntness, people just couldn't swallow that pill or were simply too stupid to understand him.

Rand has done an interesting job on re-packaging the liberty message, and I can't say I agree with everything he's done, but I got to admit today really changed my mind.

I have a friend who is as right-wing of a neocon as you can imagine. I've known him for a good 10+ years back when I was a hardcore Democrat and we would simply disagree on every single thing. After waking up, I lost touch with him but still noticed his rants online. I always thought that if he could jump on Ron Paul's ship we would really be turning a tide in the movement; unfortunately he went for Romney (of course after he was for every other candidate except Ron Paul first until they all dropped out). Anyways, today I noticed he posted about Rand Paul and even admitted about being a big fan of his while still claiming that Ron was crazy.

Wow. I was shocked and surprised. Of course, this means nothing if Rand indeed bows down to the establishment. But so far, for me, he's been a positive impact for us and if he can help change the conversation, especially amongst those who weren't willing to listen to his dad's message, than that's a pretty important win in and of itself.

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He's Good

I really hate the way that the Senator gets locked in on his talking points- and often, they are taken right from the mainline Republican playlist. But unfortunately, that process is what the public feels is Presidential. We all loved Ron's authenticity, the way he deliver a squeaky retort when he'd get excited on the debate stage. Obviously, delivering complete thoughts requires an amount of rehearsal- that's why talking points are what they are.

Most of the Senator's talking points are designed to appeal to conservatives, which is quite different than his dads. Id hate to see him lose liberal voters who are reachable. But then, who knows how many Dems actually turned out to vote for Ron Paul. Regardless, Rand has gotten really good at interviews. He's always been pretty good, but his appearance on CNN last week was masterful. I dont think he'll ever be controlled by elite-types, Im only concerned that he will be bent to what he perceives as the popular will (ie. "We can just cut foreign aid to countries that burn our flag").

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of


I'll take it a step further. Ron Paul was imprisoned by the youthful libertarian base, which is becoming increasingly libertine and anarcho-capitalist. By emphasizing the economy and social conservatism and talking in less all or nothing terms about war, Rand is appealing to liberty-minded conservatives who can be won over. As the Millennial libertarians get older they will become more practical and more conservative. Hence, we have the making of a new populist liberty coalition in America.