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New Mr. Feshamon Gun Control Music Video!

Check it out!

We have been working very hard on this, hope you all like it. Please share it far and wide.
Mr. Feshamon is a Big Island Ron Paul supporter who has been working very hard for the Revolution.
You may remember his other Ron Paul Music Video, Uncorruptable:


Hope you all like it, share it!

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lease share, comment and

Please share, comment and like! Take the time to post to your facebook, e-mail or post on another forum. The police are already disarming innocent Americans on their property.

Video link:

Thanks for doing your part ;)

Thank you for checking it

Thank you for checking it out! I could not think of to many better things to be working on. I am blessed and lucky to know and work with Mr. Feshamon.

One last bump. I would love

One last bump. I would love to hear some comments from more of you.

Hope more of you get a chance

Hope more of you get a chance to watch this and spread it around.