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21WIRE: Keshe's Free Energy Technology Will Make Today's Military 'Useless'

Is anyone familiar with the work of Iranian nuclear physicist M.T. Keshe? This is the first I've heard of him, and he seems quite interesting. I'm looking for a bit more information on him, if anyone would like to share.


21st Century Wire reporter Patrick Henningsen investigates the groundbreaking free energy science and advanced space ship technology brought forward by Iranian nuclear physicist, M.T. Keshe, head of the Keshe Foundation in Belgium. Keshe revealed some incredible information about Iran's space ship program, and also about a Peace Treaty which is currently in the hands of the world's super powers, as we wait to see if the the world's 'super-powers' will continue to cover-up these new breakthroughs that allowed Iran to apprehend two US drones, applications in faster than light travel, nuclear gravity-magnetic field plasma science and advanced medical treatment for the terminally ill. The implications of what Keshe has revealed is potentially world changing.

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Have "free energy" discoveries really been suppressed?

I've often heard people claim that revolutionary new energy technologies have been suppressed by oil companies and/or government.

Thinking about that claim however, I have a couple questions for these folks:

(1) Unless you understand how this revolutionary new energy technology worked, how do you know that it did work?

(2) If you do understand how it worked, what's stopping you from reproducing it now?


I am beginning to understand why Ron Paul wanted his name disassociated with this rumor mongering farce that caters to the VERY shallow end of the gene pool

What's even more disappointing than your comment

is the fact that it was voted up four times. Another one of those knee-jerk reactions to "conspiracy" I'm sure.

Conspiracy = group of people conspiring to commit a crime.

If you don't want to get to the bottom of CONSPIRACIES - YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE!!!

100% scam.

I have never seen a conclusive test of any of his "inventions." I've heard lots of great stuff but it's all BS because he says he's only going to make the tech available to GOVERNMENTS - the same governments that have been suppressing free energy for 100 years.

I wish people would stop spreading this BS around. Demand proof... so far there has been none and if you're waiting for your "government" to trickle down the tech to you... you're going to be waiting for a while...

Being as how these "free

Being as how these "free energy" breakthroughs that make "today's military useless" haven't actually created free energy or made today's military useless.

Let's look at this "space ship" program big claim: It shot down two U.S. drones.

...Um...a group of engineers just announced they'd figured out how to disable a drone with no mystic "free energy" and no "space ships" from a garage for about $7,500 worth of satellite jamming equipment.

Weird, how they didn't need faster-than-light travel, nuclear gravity-magnetic field plasma science, or advanced medical treatment for the terminally ill to do so. Really weird how any thinking person would conflate the three of these with Iran shooting down drones.

Goodness gracious, MikeF-whatever, are you even reading the illogical drivel you're passing along?


"Goodness gracious, MikeF-whatever, are you even reading the illogical drivel you're passing along?"

Why yes, I did read/watch it. You'll notice that in my original post my statement was, "Is anyone familiar with the work of Iranian nuclear physicist M.T. Keshe?"

I was NOT passing this along as gospel, wistfulthinker. This is the first I've heard of these "discoveries" (other than Tesla) and I was simply asking the DP Community for more information.

I am EVER SO SORRY for wasting your time...

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Mike, I'm sorry that I didn't

Mike, I'm sorry that I didn't pick up on the seeking nature of your post. As first posted, it seemed more like you were passing information you were all excited about. I did not get the impression that you were skeptical and seeking input. Rather, I got the impression that you were impressed.

I guess I just think that it's better to do a modicum of research on your own -- like type in your Keshe guy with the word "debunked", or just look at the wiki article -- before typing a subject line that just grabs a heading from a source that is, on the face of it, not too trustworthy. I certainly judged your post by the veracity of the source you choose. ashtarcommandcrew.net is not the sort of source you should expect rational people to respect.

If you think Keshe has legitimate points, don't steal a headline from a whacked-out site and expect cogent discussion. Research the guy on your own and come to the table with something un-ashtar.

Too many times, cool out-of-the-box ideas go nowhere because the messenger hasn't bothered to do the work of informing himself.

You didn't waste my time. I appreciate your seeking. I just want to encourage you to stop wasting your own time. Learn to spot the tells of pseudo-science and refuse to allow such charlatans to pervert your energies.

There's no such thing as free energy. If you see that in one of the websites you peruse, click away -- unless it's in quotes because the author is mocking the phrase.

I hear you

I accept the apology wistfulthinker. I also appreciate the comments and the critisism. I get where you're coming from in regards to actively seeking the information on my own (which is what I do, for the most part).

Perhaps I jumped the gun and could have looked into it a bit more myself before actually posting. I think my intentions of asking the DP community were based on my assumptions that this site contains some of the brightest people I know. I can always count on SOMEONE from the DP having knowledge about pretty much anything.

Hmmm, also I checked out that ashtar site that you referred to. I've never heard of it before and my apologies as well, if this is the original source for the video. I had actually just found the clip on youtube and meant to just post the video, but I saw that the video descript had the link for the story on 21st Century Wire and included that as well.

Quick question to you sir or ma'am (if you don't mind), I'd like to pick your brain briefly... You're claim is that "there's no such thing as Free Energy". My question to you is this: Do you think that the idea of self-sustaining "Free Energy" itself is impossible? Or is it the lack of physical evidence for such devices that leads you to this conclusion?

I would like to believe in the idea of "free energy", but try not to trap myself in believing something that lacks evidence. On the same token though, I try not to trap myself in fully discrediting something just because the emperical data isn't their either. I am willing to concede that there are things intentionally hidden away from the general public. Is "free energy" one of these things? Who can say for sure, but we should at least keep the discussion going about these things (not necessarily this thread, but the idea).

Anyways, I'll end it here so you're not reading a book. Sorry if I jumped down you're throat in my response to you earlier... I was kind of put into a defensive position and overreacted! Thank you, and I look forward to hearing what you have to say :)

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So the "free energy" concepts

So the "free energy" concepts are bunk and get play only because some folks don't understand the basic definitions of free and energy.

Drat, my husband -- a robotics engineer -- is telling me that it's not about science or definitions. He's saying this "free energy" concept is equal parts magical thinking and an impulse to escape a master.

He says you folks who fawn over free energy are not only mathematically illiterate, you're also enslaved by a defensive posture. You're willing to accept falsehoods just to stick it to the man. Truth is less important than feeling like you've got some secret whirligig that will someday, somehow -- you don't know how -- free you.

Whatever, he's wrong all the time.

So say I.

I say this free energy stuff is just the verbiage of folks who have a very small box.

Folks who fail to take into account the bigger box. Like, sure the sun is ramming Earth with tons or radiant energy, and like, sure the moon is jamming huge amount of tidal energy every flood tide. That's energy and it's freely heating the earth and rising tides. But how "free" is that to harness? Turns out it's quite costly. It can give you a tan and put some knots behind your boat, but to lasso it for energy that hops up your high wires...well, that's pretty costly. It's no where near free. Squeezing oil out of shale is more efficient.

What's this "free energy" that you're moon-eyed over. Free for whom? What's the cost of transmitting it into an energy source that's valued in the market? Energy is all around us and freely given. Get a tan; grow a squash; set sail with the tide; travel with the wind.

I venture that your definition of "free" here has little to do with science. I'm thinking you're willing to confusing science with political philosophy and it leaves you vulnerable to any ashra-whatever.net.

Who do you think you are?

I'm sorry but your tone and name calling are not only childish but totally unproductive for those only seeking some truth and as a member here I am embarrassed for you. If you aren't part of the solution then you are the problem!

As for talk about energy production; You have added nothing to the conversation. If you would have taken solar panels back to the 1930's and not told anyone how they work; People would have easily believed this was "free energy" just as some still do today. Many people still find it magical to hear that electricity is generated by moving a magnet across a copper coil or, devices can be powered without wires or batteries. After all the great Nikola Tesla himself invented "Meter-less" power for all until Westinghouse killed it. Is this not the heart of "Free Energy"? Have you ever seen the Documentary called: "The light bulb conspiracy"? One of our jobs as scientists and engineers is to understand what we are looking at and some people are just really bad at this. This does not mean they should be made to feel stupid and called names.

Agreed, my tone gets

Agreed, my tone gets off.


Always the but. Rather than align with the folks who would have easily believed that solar panels were free energy in the 30's, why not align with the folks who knew what solar panels do and that they are in no way free? Rather than align with the folks today, whom you assert think it's magical to direct power with a magnet moving over conducting coils, why not disabuse them of their magical thinking and discourage the term "free energy"?

I guess I don't understand why my distaste for such thinking such misleading terms is an any way discouraging. For those interested in understanding how either solar energy or electric motors work, they'd be well served not to use "free energy" in their search terms. Just because a person has trouble understanding Tesla's wireless power transmission at a distance, or solar panels, or how oil gets turned into miles in a Volvo on the highway, doesn't mean he or she is justified in calling their lack of research or mental acumen, "magic" or "free energy."

I think I get where you're

I think I get where you're coming from, but it's pretty hard to defend the free-energy folks as "seeking truth."

As you assert, folks in the 1930s, who understood the chemical process, would not have described solar energy as free. Neither would informed people in the 70s or today. The manufacturing process of solar panels requires energy, as does the shipping and installation, as does the maintenance. The juice you get from a solar panel pales in comparison with the juice you get from concentrated carbon from fossil fuels.

Much like the myth that you're saving environment by recycling or driving a hybrid car, you may be doing more harm than good.

I fail to see how people making stupid arguments should not be called stupid argument makers.

I don't see the tone as inappropriate at all

I see a realist that is tired of chasing rainbows while strong, reliable technology fades off from lack of support. Why chase fantasy 'free' stuff when real free stuff exists? Isn't that the quest of fools?

And you might want to get your facts straight on Tesla. He didn't create meterless energy because it was free energy. It was meterless because it was wireless and they couldn't find a way to measure it. It was anything but free. And Westinghouse was his strongest supporter up to the very end, not his adversary. Morgan put him both of them down and Tesla gave up his motor royalties to save Westinghouse.

This is not to call some stupid for their direction but to open their eyes to the fact that we really don't need any controversial technology because we already have real, verifiable, solid solutions and they need support now.

You make many assumptions...

I was generally interested in hearing what you had to say... but I find your response to be a little condesending. You make many assumptions which may or may not be directed at me. I'm not "fawning" over anything. I'm not "moon-eyed" over anything. I am interested in radiant energy. I believe that it has potential to be harnessed as an alternative to fossil fuels. Is it "free" in a technical sense? No. Of course it would cost something to research and develop the technology for it. That's a given. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. I also don't deny the potential for Natural Gas either, so I'm not locked in a state of "accepting falsehoods just to stick it to the man." I'm not looking for some magical device to "free" me, you, or anyone else for that matter.

Fossil Fuels are limited. They will last for a while, but not forever. There's radiant energy everywhere and it's abundant. The sun will burn for another 5 billion years before that source is ever gone. Why not harness it? No, I'm not talking about solar panels either. Right Source, wrong method. My opinion.

Feel free not to answer that question because I feel that you will only make more false assumptions and lump me into a pile of people with "very small boxes". I'm a reasonable individual and I don't believe everything I hear. I have an open mind, I ask questions, and I seek truth (not mumbo jumbo).

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Mike, you're spot on. I was

Mike, you're spot on. I was just responding to your post when my husband came home and poured himself a glass of wine. We got all engaged in the topic of your post and were discussing and getting off on our own thing. Our own thing was more about what we both see as some lolly-pseudo-science-wishful-thinking group of folks than your post.

The "fawning" and "moon-eyed" stuff was my words, cheered by my husband in our little couple discussion about a larger trend we get irked about. I'm sorry we got carried away and that I posted in a way that lumped you into the lolly-moon-eyed. Really, such discussions are just foreplay for us, and we're sorry we used your post on the DP for our own purposes.

We can only say that ALL known concentrated energy sources are limited. The Sun will die; same as our reserves of oil will die, despite their perpetuating nature, until the Sun quits us. We don't think the term "free energy" is a helpful way to either phrase or think about energy because it implies something for nothing. We don't think this is true and we think the term encourages fawning, moon-eyed types. We appreciate that you are not one of them and good on you. There are plenty of sources for energy that don't require drilling, but they are less concentrated and therefore less cost-efficient at present for mass distribution. The market really does work, and when fossil fuels become more costly than radiant energy, we hope that the moon-eyed folks will have at least helped cushion the fall by having worked out the most efficient way forward.

Certainly, something is going on. Iran has captured at least...

one and, perhaps, two US drones. These are operated using the most powerful encryption systems we have. Now, this proof-of-concept was also done by the University of Texas. However, something else really telling is the clear signal that the US is clearly not prepared to back Israel in an attack on Iran. Of course, this could also be due to Russia and China threatening the US and Israel with thermonuclear war if we attack Iran.

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the same MT Keshe that sold €50k moon trips on an unbuilt ship?


(Why look, they keep removing all these suspicious links!)

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The fight for power and

The fight for power and control over incredibly powerful technology that few people know about....is that what all the wars are being fought over?

As we all know, technology can be a double edged sword. If we have learned anything in life, I think it is safe an accurate to say that technology in and of itself does not help create better human beings, if anything, modern technology has made mankind worse. We're more destructive than ever before...in so many ways.

Cell phones are a great example...designed to help humans communicate better, right? Wrong. Look at the results. People seldom talk on their phones, they text much more than they speak.

I can go on and on how technology is making humans dumb, and dumber...and dependent.

Are we better off now, or were we better off back in 1980?

Give mankind unlimited energy supplies, flying automobiles that travel faster than the speed of light, and medical technology that will make us practically immortal.....and what would happen to the human race?

Maybe those ancient Greek Gods weren't myths after all?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

What can you say to this?

Lets wait and see. I for one don't put much hope in this..


I try to change people every day. Do You?

Just what the MIC needs to power their autonomous killer

robots. Terminator, SkyNet, here we come!

Leges sine moribus vanae

Just stop!

Stop posting this free energy crap. It doesn't exist, it doesn't work. It's never been proven to work by outsiders. It's a scam and they're getting people suckered into it just to build up the scam for when the big money pitch comes.

We have numerous technologies that more than solve the energy crisis. Why won't you consider promoting those?

Free energy doesn't exist

People who say this are either ignorant or they have some vested interest in making sure big oil stays on top.

Sorry but that great big glowing ball of gas and heat in the sky proves you wrong for starters... and free energy has been invented and suppressed at least 5 times off the top of my head - in the last 100 years.

orgone energy
water car
cold fusion

...just for starters.

"Free Energy" in today's context isn't plugging into the air

It means over-unity energy production. The context is what matters. Even a simple black box that makes unlimited quantities at unlimited rates would cost a few dollars to produce and thus not be called free energy under your terms.

Solar PV is technically free energy in the technical sense but not in today's urban dictionary because you have to buy it and then you can get free energy. This is the same with the last three items on your list.

Unfortunately, the rest of the list is bogus for various reasons. You state them as examples of free energy, yet they all cost to purchase. Even after settling that confusion, the first three are unproven.

Orgone Energy boils down to psychological energy willed into existence. Plug your hair dryer into that and let's see how it works.

The water car has received tons of news because it was actually showcased on the news. Have you seen any peer reviewed data proving it works? Of course you haven't because people are making careers out of looking for it and asking for it. They can't even get a paid-for independent demonstration of it.

Cold fusion MAY someday be proven valid with the right catalyst and the right pressures, temps and other environmental circumstances. However, that day has not arrived yet. Of course, it doesn't matter if it does because this is not a viable solution. The cost of the equipment to manage a critical reaction with dangerous transformations at potentially explosive rates will ensure the end product won't be purchased for $20k to power your house. It will either be much higher (think 10 times) or it WILL BECOME CENTRALLY CONTROLLED, which places big energy back in the monopoly seat and defeats the whole purpose of free energy in the first place.

What this entire discussion boils down to is what's the cheapest you can buy some equipment and make ALL the energy desired in ALL the forms that are desired ENDLESSLY once it's PAID OFF. The discussion is not about what technology does that. It's about what that end cost is. Period. Some people include rare materials in that price but for the most part, it's just a dollar question.

What's your line in the sand for that dollar amount?


you use your own mind and that is lame. There is Jesus, Ron Paul and Alex Jones for that. If Ron Paul had offered trade unions the same perks he had offered to military veterans with stress syndrome, they too would be all here. Our crowd is not unlike "Occupy Wall Street" movement - most parrot slogans and gossips.


Can you re-phrase that? ...in english? Maybe I'm sensing sarcasm but I still can't make out the gist.

Yeah and

Tesla stopped working on the X-ray because people told him he's full of shit.

C'mon man. Research a little.

Why does BO sign an Executive Order banning private sales of technology with Iran? Is that just a coincidence and part of the "sanctions" during an ongoing "issue" with Iran?


BO's executive order is towards the middle.

All I'm askin' is that you research a little more, friend. Just open up A LITTLE and ask some more questions.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

I've followed him enough

I've done extensive research on more than a dozen of these so-called free energy, over unity devices. They all promise so much and deliver exactly nothing provable. YOU find the proof that it operates as described. From what I've read and seen, all he does is quote new mystical levels of magnetism and other strange phenomena using terms not found anywhere else in science. Why can't he just build the damn thing? Why can't he say "you put in x kilowatts and get y kilowatts out"? Why does he have to go into all the conspiracy crap about executive orders suppressing the technology? Because he's just like the rest. He's got nothing.

Until even one of these is proven to work, they all belong in the same category. This is not about politics, corruption or suppression. Basic science dictates proof of any claim before popping the cork.

And don't go stating that I'm trying to kill it off. You won't find anyone more hopeful that something will change our current energy monopoly than me. I even spent the last decade putting together what I believe to be the best system possible. Fortunately, it works so we're in the funding stage now.

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I agree with you. What the heck.

I agree with you. What the heck.

Can't we see a prototype somewhere? Where's the proof of concept?

Which scientific domains does Keshe's "Free Energy"(?) encompass exactly? Mechanics? electro magnetism? chemistry? electronics?

What are the measurable, objective metrics in inputs, outputs, losses, cost of manufacture?

We're talking about energy, here, folks - not sociology, economics, or poetry.

What are the facts, observations, experiments, models? What the scientific community has to say about it? Or the competition? Or investors?

It all looks fuzzy and mysterious.

Who cares the guy is from Iran?

We just want to see Keshe's "Free Energy" actually working with a tractable explanation of why it works, and how scalable it provably is.

And that ought to be as experimentally verifiable as 1 + 2 = 3 can be to anyone provided with our state of knowledge prior to Keshe's findings - if any.

This is just engineering and doesn't bring anything new to science, but I had the idea of a model-driven CODE GENERATOR (*) once. At some point I talked about my ideas years ago to whomever would listen, but as interesting as they had seemed on my good faith, those ideas were absolutely WORTHLESS to anybody until I finally took the time for a PoC - that's the very minimum one can expect:


Beware of wishful PSEUDO-science and claims, folks.

Besides the light from our sun, enabling the life forms we know on this planet, NOTHING else ever comes "for free".

(*) (to build software using a factory that can save the writing of dozens of thousands lines of code or more, time/money costly if written by hand)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


double post.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Oh, please.

You're referring to the popularized version of the Tesla story as shown by the history channel. Stay away from television. Go read all the books about Tesla first. Then go read what he was actually trying to do in both creating AC (the Morgan venture) and Universal Energy Distribution... read this from his actual writings. It's very clear and doesn't break the laws of physics unlike what so many people like to believe.

Short version: He wasn't trying to create energy from nothing. He wanted to give it away and he kept trying to avoid a monopoly by Morgan.