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CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou Begins Jail Sentence


Former CIA officer John Kiriakou headed to prison on Thursday to begin serving his 30 month sentence for his involvement in exposing the torture tactics implemented by the US government. Kiriakou was the first ever government official to confirm that waterboarding was used against detainees.

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I feel like America isn't yet in a hopeless death spiral because he was tried in a civilian court ostensibly under rule of law instead of in a one-sided tribunal and has been given a modest sentence, rather than being held for 30 months in a dungeon before being assassinated or sent indefinitely to Gitmo or a deeper gulag.

Looking towards the outcome of the Manning trial to see where we're going.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

The state's true colors

The state is a looting and killing machine.


Liberty = Responsibility

How backward are we? The

How backward are we? The crooks go free and the good guy is imprisoned. The only noise about it is on RT and a handful of us on the internet.


It's totally unjust to be a whisleblower of corruption in our government and to be imprisoned for it. Where is the outcry from our representatives and the public?

It's truely sad to see whistleblower after whistleblower going to prison. The acts of these criminals who are exposed should, be the ones prosecuted.


damnit damnit damnit

Yes John Kiriakou

you did the right thing. A true Patriot.

And the people in this country are so out to lunch that they don't care. It is beyond sad.

Putting John Kiriakou away is just criminal. Meanwhile the real criminals in all of this roam free.

Meanwhile the real criminals in all of this roam free.

With some of the best taxpayer funded security teams in the world.

oh F**k

I hadn't even thought of that. That should be the first cut in the sequester. Damn.

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RP R3VOLution


This is nowhere to be found out there, we need to make sure that changes..for a patriot.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

"If you see something say something"

That way the government can imprison you.


Truth is TREASON in the EMPIRE of LIES.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

By going after him they are

By going after him they are martyring him and he will get out in 30 months, write a book, go on the talk show circuit...which will be a good thing, but he needs more viral attention now for his plight. Where are all the liberals protesting over his first amendment and transparency? I bet the lefties haven't even heard half of this stuff because their liberal outlets are tightly controlled by the same idiots running the right.

Democracy Now!


I do not know of a more "left" site.

I was surprised to find this in fact.

will bradley manning get out?

will bradley manning get out?


Nope because he will get 2

Nope because he will get 2 years for each of the 10 charges he pled guilty to. I am assuming they are consecutive - correct me if I am wrong.

Political prisoners. Another reminder of what we have become.

If the U.S. keeps on this trajectory, people like him will just disappear instead of being interviewed by foreign news outlets before being sent to prison.

I just did a Yahoo news search for "Kiriakou". It brings up a single hit, from Aljazeera. Does anyone really believe that we don't already have state run media in the U.S?

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

Yep Exactly

Another reminder that we'd all better feel the urgency now before it's too late.

SteveMT's picture

By his actions, Kiriakou has earned the title of "Patriot."

Knowing how the government operates, they will probably torture him during this interment by making him watch 'Zero Dark Thirty' repeatedly, which will be a fate much worse than waterboarding.

Why are the Patriots like Manning and Kiriakou in prison while the tyrants continue to party in their yachts? This world continues to be outside down.

Whistle blower laws seem to be irrelevant

so you blow the whistle on corrupt doings in government and you go to jail.

Seems like the whistle blower laws are working great.... (sarcasm)

Love Liberty, be Vigilant

"Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (2 Corinthians 3:17)

Faith in God will prevail all things!

how does he get 30 months

how does he get 30 months while bradley manning gets infinity?


How do either of them get time...

...and the real criminals remain free?

David Patraeus on this trial

"Oaths do matter, and there are indeed consequences for those who believe they are above the laws."

Ironic this only applies to whistle blowers.

How many want to know the truth?

I am not talking conspiracy theories that you can't get most people to admit to, but ones like these whistle blowers are shining light on. Its obvious the state recoils and strikes like a viper when these gruesome truths are shown the light of day, but does the majority of the population enable this behavior?

I just watched Freakonomics the movie and it was good and it even made me think. Its not austrian, but it is studying individual Human Action. Its Streaming on netflix. or the part I want to share with you is here. http://hesomagazine.com/film/freakonomics-the-movie/

The culture in Japan is such that the sumo matches being thrown are not to be discussed. There are strong forces at play with in the sumo association and the gambling community that don't want it know these matches are thrown. But as whole the fans do not seem to care. Even suspicious deaths aren't investigated and no autopsy performed.

Such is the Japanese culture, but America isn't so much different when it comes to bad mouthing the government. Too much reverence is given to the government in the press these days. There seems to be a culture thing where its not cool to question the government.

Freakonomics even mentions how the NY Times won't call torture torture when the US Government does it, but If china does it they will. It's interesting the Japanese Have a word for the truth or the reality of the situation and one for the facade or fairy tale. In Certain situations the masses choose to believe the fairy tale and not the truth even to the extreme point where a murderous cover up is ok.

Human behavior and culture is weird!

unless if you were a speed

unless if you were a speed reader, it would take a person the rest of his life, almost, just digging through the wikileaks documents. you'd have to buy a house to store all the documents in. you could have cocktail parties, and say, let's go drink wine and look at the wikileaks cables.


I visit the DP religiously on a daily basis

Why haven't I heard of John Kiriakou before?

phathead makes great points,

phathead makes great points, but there is just so much information going on right now, this is the first time i heard of him as well.


I wasn't trying to knock anybody

I didn't know much about him, I heard Scott Horton mention a list of whistle blowers once on his show. I went to the list skimmed it briefly and that was that. I couldn't even find you the show or the list today. but I want to say GW was after like 4 or 5 whistle blowers and obamma has doubled that number.

I am not trying to take a holly than thou attitude here. I am no longer trying to understand how messed up the world around me is. I am trying to understand how it remains this messed up and I am not seeing too many solutions to the problem. People like to live in a world full of lies and nonsense...the fairy tale. That's why Hollywood is so damn popular and why British royalty is so popular in the states. There is comfort in the lies and the myths. The media isn't going to shatter those myths, reality bites.

How this story fell through the cracks at DP is beyond me, I did my best to offer up some theories. Things go in fads on this site just like anywhere else...with the Gun hysteria in full motion its hard to get people to look at anything else.

I see you responded to my original post above...mind you I didn't mention wikileaks there. But you didn't have to read any of the documents release by wikileaks. There were great reporters doing the hard work for you when the releases were out. Greg Mitchell @thenation blogged for quite sometime everyday about what was going on with wikileaks. There were many others out there too. I still read Mitchell, He isn't perfect, but he covers good stuff.

For a start see my post above

Its not hip or cool in our culture as a whole to manufacture outrage over this stuff. Yes the DP is supposed to be different, but at the end of the day we live in the world we live in. The reality is the news here is driven by sites like LRC, Drudge, and infowars, plus Rand Paul is the hot topic. Place like scotthorton.org or antiwar.com that cover this stuff sit on the side lines.

The other side of it and the biggest reason why is; this guy is guilty of naming one name to a reporter. And he is one of many whistle blowers that are getting the shaft. Obama is worse than bush on whistle blowers. Also he gets to spend 30 months in jail.

Bradley Manning, has been in jail for 1000 days already and hasn't even finished his trial. Bradley Manning, started the uprisings in the Arab world called the Arab spring. Manning's leak was the largest leak in the history of the world. Credit card companies stopped funding wikileaks, amazon quit hosting wikileaks, and the government has put Julian assange in prison...All of it with out any laws passed or courts or even real police action. That is perhaps the greatest chilling of first amendment rights in anyone's recent memory.

Manning represents something much more and over shadows the rest of the whistle blower heroes.

Minor correction: Julian Assange

Julian Assange is not in prison. He's been holed up in the Ecuadoran embassy in London for the last eight months. He has filed papers to run for a seat in the Australian senate, which he figures will get him some kind of diplomatic immunity.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose