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Will Americans be sold more of what they do not need?

Over the next couple of months we will find out how many small government people there really are. Obama must become a high end vacuum cleaner salesman in a low rent neighborhood. Nobody wants, needs, or can afford a new vacuum cleaner but none of that matters. Everyone must sit though the sales pitch…even if you don’t have carpeting.

In the end, we will be offered a grossly overpriced model that has been discontinued because of factory defects and has an expired warranty.

Unless Boehner and the republicans are bribed into buying the damn vacuum cleaner and signing our name…expect to see Obama canvassing your neighborhood soon.

No matter what happens to any government service, entitlement, or subsidy DO NOT let the government think we are in any way inconvenienced by these so called cuts. The government is going to use this opportunity to make sure everyone knows how important they are and how difficult our lives would be without them holding our hands and giving us a 50 cents allowance each week. Don’t buy into it. If we want to live with a small or non-existent government…start walking the walk today!

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Let the "cuts" begin!