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Behold A Pale Horse DVD Special buy 5 or more$15.00 each

Behold A Pale Horse DVD Special buy 5 or more @ $15.00 each.

Butch Paugh has a special deal. If you donate $75 or more ( at $15.00 increments ), you will get the Behold a Pale Horse DVD’s at $15.00 each.

When you check out, you simply put in the Memo or additional info field that you heard he was giving a deal for $15.00 each.

Remember, you must order 5 or more to get them at $15.00 each.

This is the direct paypal link Call to decision Paypal Link

This is the Pastor Butch website . Go below the GCN image and you will see the PP link Call to Decision website

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Great deal IMO