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Girls Gone is Gone; GGW, LLC declares bankruptcy -

Although it is business as usual at GGW, this is still a sign of the times.

Girls Gone Filed
You know America is in trouble when a company that does nothing but create TV-style shows of college-age women in next-to-no clothes goes bankrupt but sure enough the company behind the "Girls Gone Wild" videos filed Chapter 11 today

‘Girls Gone Wild’ Files Bankruptcy to Fight Vegas Debt

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People have access to

People have access to gigabites of free online porn. Its one click away. Who the heck is going to pay for porn? Thats why they went bust.

Get with the times or be buried beneath them. Im sure someone, somewhere will figure out a way to make money off of sex in this modern age. GGW just didn't have the know-how to cash in on it.

Woah, woah, woah, now.

Girls Gone Wild is essential to preserve America's future. BAILOUT! Yeah!

End The Fed!
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GGW is too low, to fail.

The government should not allow this to happen.