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How Many Of Us Are Prepared to "Rise Up" and How Much of This Talk is Just That - Talk

Short but sweet. I see a lot of people complaining that the American people don't rise up. First of all even if we decided to how would we do it? Are YOU REALLY READY to "rise up?"

If you have a bank account, credit cards, pay "your" taxes etc etc... please refrain from these posts as they are completely hypocritical.

I've offered many a non-violent plan to "rise up" however it seems most are more interested is just complaining than actually doing anything about it. There is probably a lot of ego involved as well. Nobody wants to put a particular plan in motion unless it their plan.

Well where does that leave us? I'll tell you - at the mercy of the next financier with deep pockets to "start some movement" in order to get more of us on a list.

If we don't "rise up" from the ground up then we might as well just enjoy our tyranny sandwiches, re-up our cable TV and start talking about the latest American Idol or who did what on Dancing with the stars.

What is it.. in your opinion... that is preventing this merry band of Libertarians from uniting behind the banner of freedom? How can we overcome it? How can we put our heads together and figure out a way to de-fund this tyranny machine and start doing what we're supposed to be doing in America - pursuing happiness?

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